YouTube SEO Techniques To Pump Up Your Channel

Have you ever stopped to think about the size of YouTube? Currently, there are approximately 1.8 million active users per month. In addition, it is the most complete platform for the dissemination of content in videos of any length. Therefore, many companies use SEO techniques for YouTube as a way to boost their channel.

But after all, what are these techniques about? In fact, they make your material optimized, which attracts a greater number of Internet users and people interested in the posted subjects. And there? Want to know how to pump up your YouTube channel? So check out the post!

YouTube Channel Growth

SEO Techniques for Youtube: How It Works

Using SEO techniques on a channel’s videos helps your business to be more relevant on the web. But after all, how does it work?

Here’s the thing: YouTube is a platform that uses a ranking system similar to the one used by Google to put websites on the first page. 

In this way, YouTube SEO defines some “rules” for those who want to be on top of the most accessed videos on the platform. These standards are intended to ensure that the site will always offer the most relevant content to Internet users, just like on Google.

Therefore, knowing how to use the tools assertively is a way to ensure that you will attract a greater number of views. But, more than that, they will be from people who are really interested in the content covered by you. 

Now that you understand what YouTube SEO techniques can do for your business, let’s get down to business. Prepared?

YouTube SEO in practice

Pay attention to the title

As with any title, the name you give to your content on Youtube has the function of making it clear to search engines what kind of subject the user will find.

Therefore, the title must be succinct and short, around 40 to 55 characters at most. 

Also, make sure your keyword is present, preferably right at the start. In this way, it is easily identified by the algorithm.

Give a good description

YouTube robots also scan the description to understand what will be the subject of the video. Therefore, make a complete text, such as a blog post summary, of up to 500 words, covering the topic. But beware! That doesn’t mean narrating all the content, ok?

In fact, the intention here is to show the internet user what he will find when playing and leave him curious. Therefore, the description should act as a preview of your video and should be articulated intelligently.

Post a comment

Another way to make your content stand out is to show the algorithm that there is engagement in your channel. So, once people start interacting, pin some of those interactions at the top of the comments list. Or you can even buy YouTube comments, there are a lot who are providing these services namely Subpals, YTpals, and others.

If possible, try to pick the coolest of all: one that compliments or draws attention to important points in the video. After all, when someone else comments, it will be the first textual impact they will have.

Share on other social networks

As mentioned in the item above, the more interactivity the better. So share your videos on other social networks and ask people to comment, like, and subscribe to your channel. This will generate a very beneficial organic flow to rank your content well.

But beware! Nobody deserves boring people who keep asking for a tan, right? So try to bring people together in a cool, dynamic, and interactive way. Post funny texts, whet your curiosity, and spread your channel at the right time so you don’t tire the user.

Use tags

Tags are nothing more than keywords related to your text. However, nothing to put a million terms, ok? YouTube only recognizes around seven tags, so it’s best to choose them wisely.

For that, you can search for popular videos that are using the same keyword as you. Then write down the three most used and use exactly the same ones to have more chances to rank your content.

Also, consider also using a fixed word related to your site in general and not just the content of your video (eg vegan cake recipe, easy cake recipe, chocolate cake recipe…). This way, YouTube will only show the material of your authorship in the “related videos” tab, causing a high probability that the person will continue to see content from your channel.

Choose an assertive thumbnail

You know that video thumbnail, which appears as a cover of the content on YouTube? So this is the thumbnail.

So, if you want to guarantee a user click, the thumbnail needs to stand out and catch the attention of those who are browsing the site.

But beware! This doesn’t mean that you should choose a super colorful image full of elements. In fact, the ideal is to choose a composition that can reflect, succinctly, what is the concept of your video.

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