YouTube video Play in background on Android devices – How to

YouTube was launched back in 2005 in California and it was a creation of three former PayPal employees. It introduces a unique concept of video-sharing website that allows the users to share video clips on it. After its launch in 2006 YouTube was purchased by Google. YouTube offers a huge list of videos including user-generated videos, corporate videos, music videos, educational videos and many more. It the leading entertainment website consisting of billions of users worldwide and it tries its best to manage a status of the number one entertainment website.

YouTube now have very deep roots in everyone’s life. No matter what type of choice you have, you can find everything on YouTube. Everyday million of videos are posted on YouTube. It keeps you updated with latest news from all over the world; provide information regarding new products and services offering etc.


Over a period of time life of people is becoming a fast, tough job, busy schedule and workload. They need some energy booster for lighting up their mood and YouTube can be one source, they can enjoy funny vines or play any music video while doing their other tasks simultaneously.

But unfortunately, there is no option available on the Android YouTube application that allows for multitasking. As soon you turn off the device screen or press the home button or start charting with friends the YouTube application also shuts down or pauses. You can also check for more info.

Don’t be sad people! Because Android have a solution for every problem with the growing advancement in Android Google play store offers various apps that make this possible. It does not demand for rooting, just a single app will help you to play YouTube videos in the background.

Android apps support true multitasking you can enjoy music without any interruption and switch to different work at the same time without any stoppage of YouTube video.

Awesome Pop-Up Video

Step 1: First of all hold your Android device and tap on Google play store, search for this app, and download it.

Step 2: Once its installed now open any browser installed on you device and then search for the video you want to watch.

Step 3: Once you open the YouTube mobile site on your Android device copy the URL from the top address bar.

Step 4: Once done with copying move back to the downloaded app. Open the Awesome pop up video app, you will be greeted with welcome message and it will show the list of some recommended videos

Step 5: Now paste the URL previously copied from the browser.

Step 6: After pasting press the little send button and that’s it now you can minimize the application without any stoppage of video.

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