How to Get 1TB free Cloud storage space From Tencent’s platform Wieyun

So guys here we are with some of the great and very productive knowledge about getting free space from from the Chinese best Internet providers and Worlds 4th largest Internet company Tencent which is giving a 1TB of the storage for free on their cloud storage platform, Weiyun. The main reason for accessing a Chinese based Website/App is that there are not so good English Platform their.Google Drive or the Drop Box is just providing the space up to 30 GB which is indeed a very minor if we compare it with the Wieyun. There is lot of Space Drain nowadays due to the lack of space provided by the Super Giants like Google Drive, One Drive, or Box.So we came up with another option of going to the Chinese Companies that are providing lot more than the Google Drive, One Drive, or Drop Box.There are many Chinese Platform that are providing the Space up to 36TB. But one thing that is kept in mind that Wieyun is also providing 10TB according to their Website and Mobile App  Promotions but in real it is just for an hour or so after that the the storage suddenly reduced to 1TB. This 1TB is then real storage and that is used at any time.Below is the list of some of the best platforms that are providing the cloud storage to the users.Click on the name of cloud storage website  to visit the website.

1. Weiyun (1TB):

So this is the platform owned by the 4th largest company in the World named as Tencent. They are providing the 1TB extra space and also their is no need to download their App.You can just get your space direct from their website.They have also an English website now.

2. 360 YunPan (36TB + ):

This is the product of the Top Internet Company Qihoo. The company is reliable and can be trusted.The Company basically develop Antivirus Softwares. Basically they will provide you storage step by step, you start with 5GB. Then  by  downloading their desktop client you will get the 10TB more and you will get 26TB more after dowloading their Mobile  App. All the stuff is in Chinese. You can get more storage by regularly using the platform.

3. Baidu Pan (2TB):

Another Chinese Company which is very reputable and has a top ranking in the Internet field. Although they are being warned by the Chinese Government due to lax supervision of the service.There Mobile App is in Chinese.

4. Annually):

This comapany is somewhat providing a real stuff . The company has their own English website. You can sign up with your mobile number instead of email ID.

5. Kanbox (10TB):

Another 10 TB providers are the Kanbox which are owned by Alibaba. As the Company has a good backup name and reputation and their services are trust worthy. They have also there English Website. You have to download their Mobile App for getting the storage or you can link an account with the Laiwang (Alibaba chatbox).

How to Get 1TB free storage space From Tencent’s platform Wieyun:

Now we are giving you the step by step guide that how you can get 1TB free storage space From Tencent’s platform Wieyun.

Step 1: Create an account on this link LINK FOR QQ . Because this is required to use the services of the Tencent.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number for receiving the verification code.After getting the code.Enter the code and hit the sign up.

Step 3: If you cant give your phone number then change your internet connection and with new IP address by this you can skip giving your phone number.

Step 4: Now verify your  account by the link given in the verification email.

Step 5: Login to the English version of the Weiyun website.Link for the website is this .

Step 6: Thats it !

 Hope you will now easily get the free cloud storage from the wieyun and you had now also got knowledge about some other cloud storage platforms.Other then the traditional Google drive and Drop Box now you can avail upto 36TB without any difficulty from these Chinese website. Stay tune for more!

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