How To Get 10 TB Cloud Storage for Free, On Tencent Weiyun?

10 TB(terabyte) is a huge amount of space, and what if its totally free? Yes we are here with the best tricks to get 10TB cloud storage on a Chinese Cloud Storage Service absolutely free using the following guide. Before going any further here is the introduction of this company. The Tensent being the largest internet services company in china is now giving 10 TB of cloud storage for free to its new customers. The best thing about this company is it’s Endtoend encrypted mobile app which helps with online storage of different files or photos on the given Cloud Drive for Online backup of your important data.

Weiyun is actually the cloud storage services that is product of the company Tencent.It provides many services and now giving much more competitions to the services like Drop Box and Box.The best thing about this storage is that you can get the whole 10 TB free Cloud Storage in  a one go which is the vary user friendly approach by the Tencent Weiyun which will be very productive for the user and the company as well.this will be a great threat for the all other storage providers like Drop Box because like the Tencent Weiyun are giving the space is a thing that should be considered by the competent.

This is way huge Storage Space as compared to the most renowned Google Drive. The Tencent provides a Secure Access to the data and for Uploading and Downloading or sharing files you won’t have any issues with the storage services for backup. With all other features the Mobile and desktop apps lets you easily drag and drop files or it can also synchronized the data by automatically backing up the required files.

Main Features of Tencent Cloud Storage Network:

  • Easy to use and well translated EndtoEnd Mobile Cloud Storage service.
  • Huge size storage is the best cloud storage for photos and Videos
  • Apps available for both iOS and Android while programs for Windows and Mac.
  • Support available for Linux Users.
  • Easy to use for PC as Desktop Sync is enabled for the Windows program.
  • Share folders and files easily.
  • The best part 10TB Free Cloud Storage for Life.
  • Applies on all file types.
  • Cloud servers built in antivirus software to prevent any attackers or data thefts.
  • Private encryption enabled for users.
  • Works just like Amazon Cloud, Google Drive or Apple iCloud

How To Get 10 TB Cloud Storage for Free, On Tencent Weiyun?

Step 1:Visit the following English language  Website of QQ signing Up.Visit QQ.

Step 2:Now download the Tencent Cloud App from the Android Store or  iOS.

Step 3:Now  sign in to  the App using QQ account,App  is in chinese.

Step 3:First Enrty is the email ID.Second is the Password.Give the email id and the password.

Step 4:After logging in click on to Weiyun Option.Which will enable the 10TB storage.

Step 5:Thats it!

Enjoy the 10TB Storage.

You can trust the Tencent Weiyun,Being the great reputation as the service provider they will never disappoint you and will always provide you the best and trust worthy services. So feel free to enjoy this 10 TB(terabyte) Free Cloud Storage on any device.

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