5 Wild Ways AI is Changing The Adult Entertainment Industry

Wherever you are in the world, it’s been pretty much impossible to ignore the effect that the growing adult industry has had on our lives. Nowadays, there has never been an easier time to access everything from pornographic films and cutting-edge sex toys to interactive virtual sex sessions and live couple cams adventures via adult webcam sites.

But alongside the ever-present adult industry, we’ve also seen another hard-to-ignore newcomer that is playing an increasingly prominent role in human society. Yep, I’m talking about the wild world of artificial intelligence. Now, AI has the potential to divide opinions due to the blend of both positive and negative effects it tends to have, and the adult industry is no different. 

From porn directors to sex toy manufacturers and everything in between, few people haven’t been affected by the ever-growing world of AI, whether it’s for good or for bad. In this article, I will introduce you to five little-known ways that artificial intelligence is changing the global adult industry for good and bad.

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AI Powered CAM CHat

AI-Generated Porn

First, let’s take a look at the elephant in the room via the ever-growing realm of AI-generated pornography content. Seemingly every week, we’re seeing a booming array of porn generators that allow users to create a seemingly endless variety of XXX content by putting some prompts into an AI-powered generator. 

Currently, there are various glitches to navigate. Still, many generators are getting visibly more accurate as time passes, and they work on user feedback to make it more accurate and usable.

For those who are pro-AI, these generators are a dream come true as they allow them to live out their wildest fantasies at the push of a button and create an endless stream of content based on whatever they want. However, it’s not all roses, and there are also some vocal critics.

Adult content creators are naturally some of the most prominent critics of AI-powered porn as it directly affects their business and has the potential to be a direct threat to the conventional porn industry. On the other hand, there are adult industry figures taking full advantage of AI to boost their business, such as sex toy manufacturers. 

Artificial Intelligence Sex Toys

Times are really changing when it comes to high-tech sex toys, and we’re now living in an era of insanely advanced XXX gadgets that can ensure the highest levels of pleasure for those who invest in them. However, some of the most high-tech sex toys are those utilizing AI technology.

From male masturbators that use AI technology to sync up with the XXX content being watched by the user to allow them to feel as though they’re physically on a porn set to long-distance sex toys that allow couples to simulate intercourse wherever they are in the world, there’s an ample number of AI fans around the world who are in disbelief at what it offers the sex toy market. 

AI-Powered Sex Chats

In years gone by, the sex chat industry primarily consisted of people paying a set fee per minute to talk dirty with physical phone sex workers. However, AI is changing all of that. Nowadays, there’s a growing number of platforms that use AI to provide chatbots to people that allow them to indulge in free sex chat to their heart’s content.

However, just like with the porn industry, there’s a number of people who aren’t happy about this as it directly affects those who work in the live sex chat sector, as well as models on platforms on OnlyFans who rely on sex chat work for a large part of their income.

Deepfake Content 

And now we come to one of the most controversial roles of AI in the world of adult content, deepfake porn. This is a controversial use of artificial intelligence that creates hardcore content of people who otherwise would never be seen being featured in such. 

This can cause a lot of upset and trauma for the people featured in the content, especially with AI becoming ever more advanced with each day that passes. Naturally, Deepfake content is one of the most heavily criticized uses of AI in the world of adult content and is arguably the one that results in some of the most harmful effects.


Adult Industry Algorithms 

If you’re one of the many people worldwide who use platforms like YouTube, Netflix, or Instagram, you’ll know that each platform relies on an algorithm to understand what kind of stuff you’ll want to see next. These days, we’re seeing an increasing number of platforms utilize AI to create some of the most advanced algorithms around.

Among these platforms are a range of adult industry businesses that are using AI to accurately tag and categorize adult content so that they can flawlessly suggest the kind of desired content they can be sure their users will be eager to watch next. 

To do this manually would be an extremely time-consuming task. However, using artificial intelligence, adult webmasters can effectively set their site on autopilot and let AI get to work viewing hundreds of thousands of movies and pictures to classify them with precision and accuracy. As this method of AI use is rolled out, many platforms are actively seeking feedback from users to gauge how well it’s working and if it’s a sustainable method. 

AI Has Found a New Home in the Adult Industry, But is it Welcomed by Everyone?

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence can divide opinions in any industry it finds its way into. The world of adult content is no exception, and there’s a growingly visible divide between those who are pro-AI and those who are wholeheartedly against it.

It’s clear to see that there are undeniable benefits to be had by implementing artificial intelligence in the world of adult content. Still, it’s equally impossible to deny that there are a number of negatives that come with it, too. 

What side are you on?

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