6 Learning Tools Every Student Needs to Use

We all know how difficult it is to be a student. What is more, it is harder to study even at school now – there is more and more information and less time to obtain it. You often can’t keep up with the pace of modern life and only have free time while commuting or during the break between classes.

Students also need to think about where and how to earn money to cover all expenses and pay for education. When you put it all together with the endless amount of assignments you need to accomplish, you might think, “I wish I could find someone to write my essay,” which is understandable. Thus, if you want to make time for yourself and save energy, why don’t you give a shot at services designed to help you with homework?

Tools for Students

The Advantage of Using Apps

The 21st century is about technological progress that benefits us and simplifies our lives. Nowadays, the variety of useful tools, platforms, and services is wide. So, engaging in self-education is easy when you want to develop new skills. Learning via a mobile app is the best way out, and here is why it is effective.

  • Learning apps can integrate multiple courses and educational programs.
  • You become more disciplined and motivated as you can observe the results of your self-improvement.
  • Electronic statistics allow you to track your progress, and quizzes monitor your learning.
  • A mobile app user can study on the go, on vacation, between jobs, or whenever they want. 

Here is a list of tools you can use for education.


If you need a helping hand to keep yourself on track, this tool will be best for you. Unfortunately, students have various subjects and need to memorize a lot of information daily. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to arrange your schedule. This app is designed as a diary that allows you to create your schedule, manage homework, set reminders of upcoming classes and their duration, etc. 

In addition, you can make notes and record details regarding subjects or personal affairs. It also has one cool feature – color-coded schedules. With the help of different bright colors attached to each subject or information, it will be much easier to memorize everything you need.


If you are struggling with various math problems, give this app a shot. Photomath is designed to help you solve math problems with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. You might think that it is an app for cheaters. But if you face a dead end and can’t find an answer, this app will be a teacher for you.

When you point out the camera at the equations or any other math problems, Photomath will recognize it, provide you with the correct answer, and give you a detailed step-by-step explanation. Of course, you decide whether to use Photomath for cheating on tests or not. But in general, if you want to be good at math and use this app fairly, you will soon see the results. 

By the way, Photomath can recognize not only printed text but also handwritten one. Plus, you can edit already scanned formulas and equations. PhotoMath can deal with all inequalities, equation systems, logarithms, exponential and logarithmic functions, and so on.


Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms, offering students a variety of courses and programs to improve their skills. With no learning restrictions, it provides a world-class learning experience because it partners with top universities and leading companies around the world. You can even earn a university degree on this platform. 

If you intend to advance your career, Coursera will help you enhance your expertise. With Coursera, you can gain industry recognition, demonstrating your new skills by sharing your professional certificate, course certificate, MasterTrack certificate, or diploma with your network. Coursera will take you the next step toward your professional and personal goals. 

You can test and apply what you’ve learned on Coursera with hands-on projects and self-study quizzes. Another benefit is getting feedback on your progress from a global community of learners. 

Microsoft OneNote 

OneNote can come in handy when you need to sync and archive your notes. To make monitoring events and to-do’s easier, OneNote has special tags for marking different information. 

To increase efficiency and flexibility in project management, tasks that you save in the service can be synchronized with the Outlook service. Moreover, you can organize an effective meeting by offering participants all the necessary information, such as reports, presentations, documents, and notes.

Your notes will always be there regardless of location, thanks to syncing with the cloud. Notes, of course, can be shared. So, what else Microsoft service has to offer?

  • Lists – a way to create task lists with checkboxes.
  • Drawing and handwriting – users can draw and write with the help of a finger on the device’s display.
  • Photo capture – add photos from your phone or tablet camera to your notes. The application knows how to recognize text from photos.
  • Scanning – you can save, automatically crop, and enhance your material when using the camera.
  • Recent notes and sketches – you’ll find your notes even faster with a page preview and recent notes above the search box.
  • Search – OneNote makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Attached mode – when you’re working with two apps at the same time, you can pin OneNote to the side of the screen.
  • Paper – put your notes on your preferred background.
  • Formatting – you can use more detailed tables, different markers, and colors.


How many minutes a day do you spend on self-education? Do you have the time to review the latest scientific findings or clarify some historical topics? Most likely, like most of us, you just catastrophically don’t have time for it. That’s why Nerdish was born – an application that will help you develop your erudition and become smarter in just 10 minutes a day.

Nerdish is a cool app that helps its users understand many concepts a modern educated person should know. For instance, find out how vaccines work, how we photograph space, what impressionism is, and how topographic maps evolved. New articles appear regularly in the app, covering a very wide range of fields – art and culture, science and technology, history, health, society, and politics.

Students Learning Tools

ABBYY Lingvo

If you are not yet familiar with the features of ABBYY Lingvo, this is an advanced dictionary database for studying and translating. The application comes in handy for those who are learning a new language or just want to have a rich dictionary that is always at hand.

In addition to manual dictionary translation, ABBYY Lingvo can recognize words in pictures. All you need to do is take a picture of the caption and highlight the unfamiliar term. This feature is also available to users free of charge. Take advantage of 170 dictionaries for 30 languages – you don’t even need an Internet connection to use the app.

Summing Up

Never stop educating yourself! Don’t let anything be the obstacle on your way to becoming smarter. Instead, use the benefits of the above apps and seize each opportunity to grow.

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