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‘Anime Switch’ is a game that takes inspiration from multiple different anime in the form of a 2.5D playstyle. This game was created, and developed by the development team of True Gambit.

Anime Switch Trello

Anime Switch Trello Link:

Head on to this link to access the Anime Switch Trello Page:

Anime Switch Discord Link:


  • Cut Island is the first Island you will come across on your adventure. This island is based off the anime One Piece.

Anime Switch Maps

  • Bamek: This is the second island that will come across during your adventure. It is based off of the anime Dragon Ball Z
  • TiTan Village: This is the third island that you will across during your adventure. It is based off of the anime Attack on Titan.

Anime Switch Map

  • Snow Town: This is the fourth island you encounter on your adventure and is based off of the anime Demon Slayer.
  • Sorcerer City: The fifth island that you will encounter on your adventure. Based off of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

Central Map

  • Centeral Island: An island used as a meeting place, or as a hub.


RARE Units:

  • Woro (PTS)
  • Koten
  • Rien
  • Takura
  • Lami
  • Ruffy
  • Boku
  • Chi

EPIC Units:

  • Ron
  • Igo
  • Kid Laruto
  • Baw (PTS)
  • Manji (Timeskip)


  • Kasta
  • Jimby
  • Benjiro
  • Bobo

Evolution Unique:

  • Igo (Release)
  • Manji (Diable)


  • Bakame
  • Roshito
  • Tazuko
  • Life the Kidd
  • Rio
  • Tachiki
  • Rio
  • Kid The Rumble
  • Joker
  • Kogi
  • Dori

Evolution Mystics:

  • Kid the Rumble (Destruction)
  • Dori (Curse Lord)
  • Benjiro (Sun Form)


Movement : WASD

M1s: Mouse click or m1 button for mobile.

Abilities : 1-4, depending on how many abilities the character has.

Switching : Q/E

Awakening : G

Anime Switch Codes:

These are the current active codes:

  • 10KLIKES
  • WeekendHill
  • 15KLIKES
  • AS3
  • 20KLIKES
  • Current Code: 35KLIKES
  • Next Code at 40K LIKES!

Anime Switch VIP Premium Pass:

  • AFK World Diamond Gain Buff x2 (Stacks on premium)
  • Permanent Increased 15% XP

Show All Units:

With this game pass, you will be able to showcase all of your units while walking through the hub!

Instant Spin Pass:

With this pass you can skip spins, this include:
– Gacha Spins
– Trait Spins

Unit XP Share:

With this pass, players will be able to share XP with their other units.

75% of the XP earned from the unit being used will also be given to the other units in your loadout.

Anime Swift Trait Tokens:

These are the trait levels you can get unlock while using the trait tokens in the Roblox Anime Swit game.

  • Focus
  • Swift
  • Precesion
  • Midas
  • GodSpeed
  • Vampire
  • Hero

The Trait Reroler:

  • 1 Token – 100 Robux
  • 5 Tokens – 499 Robux
  • 25 Tokens – 2,400 Robux
  • 50 Tokens – 4,500 Robux
  • 100 Tokens – 8,999 Robux


This man will help to evolve any of your units that can be evolved. Check out which units can be evolved over at the units list.

AFK World:

Go to the AFK world to gain free gems and coins while you’re asleep or just afk for a bit.


How can I get trait tokens?

From Gadget Gacha in Summon.

Do all characters have awakenings?

No check the switches menu to see if your character has an awakening.

What do gold coins do?

They currently have no use right now.

What do verda coins do?

Verda coins are revive tokens for when you die.

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