Anime Tales Trello Link, Codes and Wiki.

Are you looking for all the details about your Anime Tales game? Then we are here with the Anime Tales Trello link. You will also get Anime Tales Codes to earn free rewards. We have also provided other details in this article to help you master the Anime Tales Roblox game.

Anime Tales Trello

Anime Tales Trello Link (Access official Trello)

The official Anime Tales Trello Link provides the best guides for your game. You can easily get all the info related to the game including UI, Maps, NPC data, Characters, and the latest News about the community.

Access the Anime Tales Discord

In addition to the official Tales Trello Link, the Discord forum of the game is also the best place to learn more about the Trello community online.

Anime Tales Trello Discord

Anime Tales Trello and Wiki

Anime Tales developers have made an official Trello page to help players understand the basics and every aspect of the game.

On Anime Tales Trello you will see the game’s basic info and game story, UI, Map, NPCs, BloodLines, Inventory, Transformation, Bosses, and everything else about Anime Tales.

You should know everything about Anime Tales to win the game. Access Anime Tales Trello via the above-provided link.

You will be able to connect with more information via Anime Tales Discord. You can also communicate with other players and interact with Anime Tales developers. Access Anime Tales Discord via the above-provided link.

You can also join Anime Tales Roblox Group for more info and queries.

Working Anime Tales Trello Codes:

Anime Tales Trello Codes

You can use these codes to get some in-game freebies including in-game items, consumables, boosts, etc.

Here are the Anime Tales Trello  Codes to try:

  • TyEveryone for some gifts (New)
  • APOLOGIES for some gifts
  • 10KBLUEBIRD for some gifts
  • world2 for some gifts
  • REVAMP for some gifts
  • Statrevamp for some gifts
  • sunGod for some gifts
  • updatepls for some gifts
  • morefix for some gifts
  • devilfruits for some gifts
  • UPDATE2 for some gifts
  • daily4bxp for some gifts
  • DOWNSORRY for some gifts
  • SUBTOKELVINGTS for some gifts
  • REROLL for some gifts
  • TY1M for some gifts
  • 10KLIKES for some gifts
  • Dysche for some gifts
  • RELEASE for some gifts
  • ANIMETALES for some gifts

How To Get or Redeem Anime Tales Trello Codes?

When trying to redeem Anime Tales Codes, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Launch Anime Tales on Roblox
  • Click on the menu button
  • Open the settings menu by clicking the settings icon
  • Copy the Anime Tales code
  • Enter it in the text box Enter a code to redeem here for the shown redeem code
  • Now click the “Redeem” button

If you are facing any issues while loading the Roblox game, then follow this guide to troubleshoot those errors.

The Currency used in the Anime Tales Trello:

Make sure to gather all these items in the game to grow at a faster pace.

Anime Tales Trello Currency

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Yen
  • Guild Tokens
  • Arena Tokens
  • Cake
  • Scales
  • Gold Bars

Follow Other Trello Guides Here:

Anime Tales Trello FAQs


What is the Anime Tales Roblox Game?

Anime Tales is the new Roblox Anime MMORPG and simulator game. You will pass through a variety of virtual landscapes where you will embark on adventurous lands with an array of unique anime characters. Anime Tales also lets you play PvP combat battles. There are also boss challenges to fight with different strategies and skills.

Complete the captivating quests to earn rewards and master the game. Rewards will help you upgrade accessories and characters along with capabilities.

What are Yuno and Noello’s Special Transformations?

Yuno Special Transformation is the Wind Grimoire in which the transformation works on a character’s entire fairy armor. While Noelle Special Transformation is the Water Grimoire with functionality like Yuno.

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