Download Another Northern Duke Apk Mod. Free Full Version[Obb+Data]

Another Northern Duke Apk

Another Northern Duke Apk Mod

Download and install the Another Northern Duke Apk mod Free Full Version with OBB+Data files for Android. Enjoy the only goal of Seducing the young Duke.

Another Northern Duke Apk
[su_icon icon=”icon: android” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] App Name com.ccs.ffsand.fullsfw-1.0-1718146913-release.Apk
[su_icon icon=”icon: download” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] File Size 311 MB
[su_icon icon=”icon: signalapp” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] Version 1.5-1718146009
[su_icon icon=”icon: windows” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] OS Android 5.0 and Above
[su_icon icon=”icon: wpforms” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] Developer Vi Music
[su_icon icon=”icon: repeat” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] Updated On June 2024
[su_icon icon=”icon: play” background=”#005a8c” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ shape_size=”8″ text_size=”12″][/su_icon] Play store Another Northern Duke Playstore.

*Download Link Updated for Full Free Version.

Another Northern Duke Free download

FFS Another Northern Duke Features:

A Fantasy + Romance + Slice-of-Life game entry for the Winter Visual Novel Jam 2023 (Final Demo for Amare Festival 2024) by the combined collaborative studio, Chthonic Chrome Studio, made up of PDRRook and Dom (The Cottage Workshop).


Expelled from the modern world into a novel, you occupy the body of a minor villainess, on her way to marry the beastly Duke of the North.

(Why does that sound familiar…)

Your mission? To have him fall for you. Should be easy, right?

Or maybe this is all a dream?

You decide.


  • Customizable Female MC (clothes and appearance) who interacts with the world in two (choosable) ways,
  • Story-rich visual novel (VN) with both plot-affecting choices + flavor choices,
  • Romantic + Platonic choices/scenes,
  • Landscape backgrounds with variations + 18 CGs,
  • Mini items CGs + chibi CGs,
  • 5 ending achievements to collect,
  • In-game endings guide in achievements (after completing one ending),
  • Over 20k words and around an hour of play time (demo),
  • Over 100k words and around 10-11 hours of play time (one ending),
  • Your guide – a sassy bird who talks shit!
  • One (1) Male Romance Option:


Duke of the North – Cold and stoic, your new ‘betrothed’ is said to be an untamable beast rather than a man. Despite those rumors, there’s something undeniably soft about him…


Roy Venn Varley (right) – Duke’s advisor for everything ranging from the dukedom to the royal family. The words he says are kind on the surface, but don’t you know that he’s toxic?

Kal Umnia (left) – A holy paladin of The All-Encompassing, and Duke’s personal knight. For such a devout man, he sure has a mouth on him.

Zofia (right) – One of the maids. Loyal to a fault, serious and knowledgeable.

Cassandra (left) – Your personal maid, sent to the manor all the way from the Capital City. She’s elegant and well-mannered, with an excitable side to her.

Kid – The game’s mascot. Just kidding, he’s your pet guide. Foul-mouthed and rude, he’s not exactly the most favorable company to have, but at least you’re not alone.

Unlocked Version:

Beta Version Completed tasks:


• Hilde Takes House Arpeggio

• Answer Me, My Prince ∆

• Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money

• Secret Lady

• For Better or For Worse ∆

• The Heroine Is a Man!

• I Don’t Trust My Twin

• Lady Crystal is a Man

• Ginger and the Cursed Prince ∆

• The 101ˢᵗ Heroine ∆

Another Northern Duke Apk Mod

Also Download: 

Download and install Another Northern Duke Apk Mod on Android for Free :

The updated FFS Another Northern Duke version comes with all items and scenarios unlocked at the start of the game.

Step by Step download instructions for Another Northern Duke APK v1.5 Obb/Data:

Follow the instructions given below.

  1. Download the latest Apk Mod OBB + Data by following this guide.
  2. Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  3. Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  4. Please proceed with the installation and finish it.
  5.  All Done. Here is the certified link of the latest apk app to download now.

*Links Updated

Download Link

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