“Apple’s Middle Finger is pointed at you”, an interesting infographics made by Apple Haters.


Apple’s middle finger” the slogan used by some Apple haters has been all over the twitter as a trend, While Apple lovers are calling them losers because they hate Apple. The Haters are always clear that the issue isn’t about the quality of their products, but it makes them hate the company products because of the attitude and manners the company operates.

The infographics pointing out the issue that Apple is giving their customers the Middle Finger and for some reasons the customers are quite happy in thanking them for it.

The designer of this Hate-o-graphic image comments that, “ I want Apple to stop treating their customers with disrespect, we need to stop praising them for doing so. Stop regurgitating their slogans, such as “it just works”. If it “just worked” there wouldn’t be over 300,000 Google results when searching for “Apple repairs”. Apple makes luxury products. They are built to last for only a short time and cost more than they should. This is okay, but it’s not okay to look down on someone, simply because they have chosen not to buy Apple. I can’t say this enough times: The photo, webpage, video or song you’re working on has no idea what brand-name your computer is.

Here is the infographics .. enjoy and if you are also support this “Middle finger cause” than share it with your friends too ..:)

Apple add, Apple Add 2013

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