[Fixed] An account on this machine has already played. Fortnite Error

Many users have been complaining of getting this, “An Account on this machine has already Played” Error while loading their Fortinte game. The error has been mostly faced by PC gamers around the globe.

The error has been termed as the Fortnite competitive version error. You can fix this by following the guide give below.

an account on this machine has already played

How to fix An account on this machine has already played Error:

We have dig deep to find out the main culprit file that enables this pop-out message reading, ” An Account on this Machine has already Played” error. Now to fix this you have to follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1- Go to the Search bar in your PC.

Step 2- Type this command %appdata%

Step 3- Once done go back a step out of the “Roaming Folder”.

Step 4: Delete this region.dat file found in appdata>local>fortnitegame>saved>region.dat

Once deleted reset the game and you won’t see this “an account on this machine has already played” error again on your device.

How to get the latest Fortnite Update for March 2024:

  1. Visit the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 site: Download .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  2. Click the Download .NET Framework 4.6.2 Runtime button.
    Note: Do not click the Developer Pack.
  3. Run the downloaded program.
  4. Restart your computer when the update is finished.

Fortnite Latest Update:

UPDATE (MARCH 22, 2024):

Rise of Midas Cup competitors who earn the most points in each region will now earn the Ascendant Midas Outfit and Golden King’s Cape Back Bling with the release of v29.10, but still before these items enter the Shop.

Midas — mastermind with the golden touch. In fact, he’s such a mastermind that he escaped jail in The Underworld. But now that he’s escaped, all Hades has broken loose…

In Battle Royale’s Rise of Midas, help Midas flee the Island with special Quests, feel the midsummer heat in the returning Floor is Lava experience, and go for gold in the Rise of Midas Cup! Rise of Midas runs until April 2, 2024, at 9 AM ET.


First, the curious Marigold notices Midas was in The Underworld… but has escaped. Then, Midas suspects his associate Brutus of treason. But whether he’s guilty or not, the rest of Midas’ crew are committed to getting Midas on “The Marigold” yacht to escape Hades’ wrath. Follow the story in the Rise of Midas Quests and unlock in-game rewards along the way!

Rise of Midas Quest rewards.

The Quests are split into five phases, each going live sequentially. All the phases will be available until Rise of Midas ends (Apr. 2, 2024, at 9 AM ET): The full release logs are here.

  • Midas Rises: available right now!
  • Et Tu, Brutus?: available March 20 at 9 AM ET
  • Jules vs. the Golden Touch: available March 25 at 9 AM ET
  • Myths of Midas: available March 27 at 9 AM ET
  • The Great Marigold Yacht Heist: available March 28 at 9 AM ET

By completing six Quests, you’ll unlock the Cerberus Medallion Spray, a memento of the gate to The Underworld. For completing 12, you’ll unlock the Rose of Avarice Back Bling, beauty transformed by golden greed. And for completing 18, you’ll unlock the Queen in Gold Glider, a masterpiece in merry gold.

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