Download Google Now HD Wallpapers.

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Google Now has always been fast with it’s cool simple user interface. The images used in the background of the application can now be used as the Wallpaper for your Android device. There is this cool new wallpapers application named as “Google Now Wallpapers HD”  which has been developed by Bongoman Dev, and is present at Google Play store.

This new app will help you to set Google Now HD Wallpapers on your Android devices including Android smartphones and Android tablets. This app will be loaded with the latest cool new wallpapers which can be changed automatically with the passage of time. The four different time variants include dawn, day, dusk and the night time.

There is also an option for the default weather report which will be shown on the wallpaper and you don’t have to put an extra widget on the top of your home screen. There are 11 different sceneries that have been added with the application that will make you change it whenever you want to change the background, or with the help of automatic change option you can set a certain time for the wallpaper  to change. 

These Google Now HD Wallpapers are present in two different resolutions that is 960 x 800 pixels for Android smartphones and a special 1440 x 1280 pixels for some Android tablets. 

Official features of the Application described on the official Google Play page are as 

Google Now HD Wallpapers Features: 
* 11 wallpaper included in 4 versions (dawn,day,dusk,night) extracted from google now
* wallpaper resolution: 1440×1280 (I can’t do better because original wallpaper are relatively small)
* configurable time period
* google now card UI included
* runs at device startup
* no battery drain!!

 You can download the official version here 

Download Google Now Wallpaper HD

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