How to Choose the Right Dropshipping Supplier for Your Kids’ Clothing Business

There are many dropshipping suppliers, and it can seem overwhelming to decide which to go with for your kids’ clothing business, even though you can work with more than one at a time.

Typically, you will learn how great a company is once you deal with them for a bit, but let’s discuss some of what you should consider when choosing the best dropshipping supplier for your kids’ clothing business. 

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Find who offers the products you’re planning on selling

If you’re selling kids’ clothes, you can already decrease your prospects by crossing suppliers who don’t sell them off the list. For example, if a supplier sells items like the Bella + Canvas zip-up kids’ hoodies wholesale, consider putting them on the “possibility” list. Still, if the supplier solely sells technology and electronics, they can go on the “not a contender” list. 

Once you have your complete list of possibilities, you can peruse the websites of each one to see the designs of kids’ clothes. If the pieces don’t seem on-trend, you don’t like the pricing, or you do not feel comfortable selling the styles, move them off the list. 

Look up their location and shipping times

Your customers may not be happy if they find out they have to wait weeks to get their order(s), which is likely to happen if they wait for shipments from overseas. While expedited shipping takes less time, your customers are still looking at a week or more. 

Look up on each site the average number of days (take note of whether it says “days,” “working days,” or “business days”) and determine if that time frame is acceptable to you. If you feel it’s too long, you can move on to another business that offers quicker shipping times, possibly a company closer to the areas where you think most of your customers would be. 

Contact companies with questions

Should you have questions about ordering kids’ clothes, don’t wait until after you start working with the suppliers to ask (unless you don’t think of the questions until then). Instead, ask them questions beforehand, so you have all the information you need to decide if they’re a good fit for your children’s clothing business. 

Research their reputation

You wouldn’t take a job with a company unless you researched them beforehand, so you must do the same if you’re thinking of working with a dropshipping supplier. If you’re seeing a handful of good reviews and a slew of negative ones, that supplier might not be the preferred partnership. 

Additionally, ensure that if a supplier has a substantial number of positive reviews, that is genuine feedback. It’s no secret that there are a lot of fake reviews on the Internet, and you want to avoid getting burned, falling for them, thinking you found the most significant dropshipping supplier, only to find out later that wasn’t the case. Instead, research multiple suppliers at one time and decide which one or more is a good option. 

Order samples of the products to test

The kids’ clothes you sell through your business should be stylish, functional, and durable, to name a few, but they should also be safe. For example, you need to evaluate the drawstrings. While some of these criteria you can tell from pictures, you will be able to determine once the clothes are in your possession. 

Order samples to see for yourself if you’re satisfied selling the clothing. Remember that even though the kids’ clothes are going to the customers from the suppliers, it’s your kids’ clothing business and reputation on the line. So be as strict as your customers would be – even more so – when you’re evaluating children’s apparel. 

Contact others who have done dropshipping

When starting a new business or trying something new within your established business, it is often a good idea to reach out to those who have already done dropshipping to see if they’re willing to answer questions and offer guidance. Also, contact others you know who have done dropshipping or even friends of friends to see if they’d be willing to give tips with making your selection.

Take as much time as possible to choose suitable suppliers for you and your kids’ clothing business. Feel entirely comfortable with your decision before proceeding, so you have no doubts about your choice when you officially start the process. 

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