EA Servers Latest Update, FIFA 20 Down, Madden NFL PSN Status Problem.

There are many folks on social media complaining about the recent EA server status. The servers are hit with some malicious error, resulting in many games slowing including FIFA 20 Down and Madden NFL PSN status problems.

FIFA 20 Down EA Server Down

How FIFA 20 Down resulting Half Time Matches Hanged:

The new server error reported in FIFA 20 Downtime which results in many matches hangs and screen stocks during or before Half Time in matches.

All down detector monitors are reporting that the Sunday outage has made millions of players around the world standard with no choice of getting their matches back.

Folks on Social Media:

Madden NFL Servers Timeout:

Among the reported services experiencing problems are Madden NFL and the EA servers, with connection issues believed to be mainly affecting gamers in the UK and Europe.

Elsewhere Down Detector has seen an increase in Madden down reports as well as PSN down reports.

Down Detector tracks social mentions to detect when popular services such as FIFA 20 go down the moment server troubles kick in.

Meanwhile Official EA Sports FIFA account still posting about the new updates:

The last chances for more #FUT21

unlockable rewards are coming over the final 2 weeks in #PreSeason. Complete select Objectives & SBCs in #FUT20, earn distinct rewards in 21: -80+ Attacker Pack -80+ Midfielder Pack -80+ Defender Pack -Gold Pack -TOTY Premium Kit

We are following the progress on FIFA 20 Down Status.

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