Download Exiled Kingdoms MOD APK + OBB 2023 [Unlimited Skill Points & Money]

Download and install Exiled Kingdoms Mod apk loaded with unlimited Skill Points and Infinite Money cheats for the updated version 1.3.1207. This new updated Mod menu is loaded with items that you need in the game.

You can have a boosted start to this Single Player Action RPG game by installing this modded version on your Android devices. The Exiled Kingdoms Unlimited Skill Points cheats allow you to unlock many characters and pass through the missions without any hassle.

Here are some of the main features of the game followed by the download link and the installation instructions.

Exiled Kingdoms Mod Apk

Exiled Kingdoms MOD APK File Info:

App Name Exiled Kingdom Mod.apk
File Size 89 MB + OBB/Data
Latest Version v1.3.1207
Operating System Android 4.1 and Above
Developer 4 Dimension Games
Updated On April 2023
Google Play Store PlayStore Link

Exiled Kingdoms Mod Menu Gameplay Overview:

Exiled Kingdoms is a single-player Action-RPG that allows you to roam freely through a unique world. It is an isometric game, inspired by some of the best role-playing games from the past decades.

It brings back the old spirit of the classics in many ways: a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system, with different paths to develop your character.

Exiled Kingdoms Extra Skill Points


Explore the world: no one will point you to the best-hidden secrets. Talk to hundreds of different characters, each with unique dialogues, and solve dozens of quests.


Customize your character with dozens of skills and hundreds of different items. Overcome all kinds of monsters and antagonists, choosing carefully the weapons or powers for each encounter.

And return to the classical dungeon crawl, with traps and secret doors, and death awaiting the unwary adventurer behind every corner.


A century ago, the Andorian Empire was destroyed by a magical cataclysm that brought Horrors into our world; humanity was nearly annihilated.

Many thousands managed to escape sailing away to the Imperial Colony of Varannar: a savage island, dangerous and unexplored. Mistrust and blame made it impossible to elect a new Emperor, and the four Exiled Kingdoms were proclaimed.

Waging War:

Nowadays, the ragtag kingdoms still struggle to survive in a harsh land, often waging war on each other. Empire and the Horrors are, for many, just old legends and fairytales.

You are a novice adventurer, rarely paying attention to such old stories; you’re more concerned with your latest misadventures and lack of gold.

Exiled Kingdoms Mod Apk Extra Skill Points

The Inheritance:

But for once, luck seems to be on your side. You received a letter from New Garand, stating that you are the sole beneficiary of a big inheritance. You don’t remember any relatives in the capital of the Kingdom of Versilia, but certainly, that won’t stop you from an opportunity like this!

The road to New Garand will reveal many surprises and will teach you that fairytales and legends can become, in fact, very real.

Google Play Games Access:

Permissions information: the game asks for internet access for connection to Google Play Games. The permission to access your storage is needed to be able to export your saved games to a file or to the cloud. If you prefer to deny these permissions after installation, the game will work fine but you won’t be able to use these options.

Exiled Kingdoms Unlimited Skill Points Cheats:

The best way to get Extra Skill points in the game is to unlock almost all quests using these points. The list includes the following quests. Here are some of the items, experience, unlocked levels, and skill point hacks for Android and iOS devices.

Exiled Kingdoms Extra Skill Points

  • Goblin Hunt
  • The Lost Explorer
  • The seeds of trust
  • Hunting Bugs
  • A Warrior’s Honor
  • Coyote Hunt
  • Gather Ingredients
  • Flesh is Weak
  • Forgotten Lore
  • An Initiate’s End
  • The Best Plan
  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger
  • Find Constanze
  • Dark Matter
  • Message in a Bottle

You can add new items or dupe any item in the game by following the guide given in the video below.

Exiled Kingdom Exp and Items hack with Extra Skill points Guide:

Download and Install Exiled Kingdoms Mod Apk Extra Skills Cheats:

Follow the steps given below to install the Exiled Kingdoms v1.3.1207 Mod Apk +OBB/data on your devices. The download link is given at the end of the guide to get the Exiled Kingdoms Mod Menu working on your device.

  • First of all, you have to download the app/game from the Direct Download GDrive or Mediafire Link below.
  • Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  • Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  • Proceed with the installation and finish it.
  • All Done.
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