FIFA 2K25: A new FIFA game coming as FIFA and 2K Shake hands.

A new FIFA football title may be released soon. There have been recent rumors that FIFA, the world football organization, signed a contract with Take-Two to create FIFA 2K25 for Console.

The partnership could be a game changer for EA, as it would put an end to their dominance in the virtual world of football. Although details on a FIFA-Take-Two alliance are still scarce, we’ve compiled what is known so far.

FIFA 2K25 game

EA and FIFA had a very long-standing relationship. EA was still producing FIFA titles and the relationship did not seem to be ending. FIFA 23 brought an end to that relationship. EA took EA FC24 solo like a popular boyband member. It’s been a success. Sales of the title have increased 25% despite the name change. Even though gamers may be tired of the frequent loot-boxing, and EA’s pay-to-play model in general, the company appears to be satisfied.

After the EA/FIFA relationship was broken, it was expected that FIFA would release its own video game. FIFA, like EA aren’t afraid to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity. The look and gameplay of FIFA games was still a little mysterious until recently. That might be changing.

FIFA 2K25: which players will qualify?

Recently, it was rumored that Take-Two would take over the development of FIFA’s official soccer game. Take-Two, the global publisher of hit games like NBA 2K24, WWE 2K24, and TopSpin 2K24 – was recently rumored to be taking over the FIFA-branded football game. This partnership appears promising. Take-Two and EA Sports are the two biggest video game companies.

FIFA 2K25: What should we expect?

We don’t know for sure, but can guess based on our experience. Take-Two games (2k) are known to feature realistic gameplay, high-quality graphics and intense career mode.

Take-Two also publishes the NBA, WWE, and PGA Tour. So it is safe to assume that they will look to make similar deals with football leagues across the world. It could prove to be difficult. EA’s exclusive agreements include the Premier League in England and Spain and La Liga. It also has licensing agreements with Bundesliga, Spain Liga F, and Germany Women’s Bundesliga.

FIFA and Take-Two are not happy with these licensing crumbs. Currently, EA does not hold exclusive rights to certain leagues, such as the Bundesliga. A number of Italian Serie A teams also have licensing agreements with other companies. It means AC Milan, AS Roma and other teams appear with a different badge and name on EA FC.

You can expect that the next FIFA title will heavily focus on FIFA’s flagship event, The World Cup. The next FIFA game could include a World Cup career mode or even a broader World Cup-related partnership, including unique players and modes.

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