Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings is the sequel to Final Fantasy XII . Released on February 15, 2008 in Europe and exclusive for Nintendo DS, this game is a tactical RPG similar to Heroes of Mana available since September 14, 2007.

The resulting opinion will be shorter than that given for The Last Remnant since it will only aim to present a game that I have completed practically in its entirety. For connoisseurs, here are the statistics of my save:
Missions completed : 100%
Aeons captured : 100%
Forge : 65% (with all books)
Gils : around 590,000 (requires 1,000,000 gil to unlock the last trophy)

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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings The Story:

A year after the events of Final Fantasy XII, protagonist Vaan is now a sky pirate with his own ship. He is joined by his friend Penelo and many others of the same title as well as new characters such as Lyud, a member of the Aegyl race who has wings.
Their treasure hunt takes them to the flying continent of Lemuré where their new adventure begins. You can add some extra money into the game using your Cash App Wallet, Here are some extra bucks to add from Cash App++ Apk for Android.

GamePlay of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings:

Just like Heroes of Mana, you summon your aeons through portals that will assist you during your various missions, some of which will have to be accomplished with your main characters.
Using your stylus, you give orders by tapping on the touch screen.

Shortcut keys (selection of all the units present, cancellation etc.) will make your task easier. However, when a lot of units are grouped around the same point, it quickly becomes difficult to select the character to be given orders. This mess is amplified in the sense that you will have only one point of view, any rotation of the camera being absent from the game. The capacities of the console being limited, it is not uncommon to have some slowdowns dice. that many units are displayed and when you cast area spells at the same time.

You can control any unit. By default, aeons follow the character who summoned them and assist them as best they can.

The music is quite well suited and the pace changes when you engage in combat.

Obligatory Level-Up:

One of the rules of RPGs is to improve your character by gaining experience during battles/missions. In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the level of opponents automatically scales with all of your active characters. The vast majority of missions (mandatory as optional) are relatively easy to see after the second attempt.

Tradition has it that in any Square Enix RPG, much more powerful optional bosses can be fought to generally complete the game 100%. It is not uncommon that in order to beat them, you have to reach a good level and / or have the best equipment so as not to get knocked down. More of a challenge than anything else, these monsters do not influence the smooth running of the story of the game. In Final fantasy XII: Revenant Wings , the developers wanted it otherwise.

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Indeed, one of the last optional missions is to defeat the last level III aeons of the game (which once defeated, will be added to your pact circle to be summoned). To alert the player that this mission is not like the others, the boss has quite simply the maximum level is 99. Even having done all the missions until then and having done it again, you will be far from this same level. However, with a little strategy, it is quite easy to beat even at much lower levels. FYI, I beat him with characters of level 57 on average.

Once defeated, we tell ourselves that the hardest part is that the last mission to complete the game will be just a formality. Fault! As soon as you have completed all the optional missions, all the monsters from the last mission will be level 99. This time and despite all your relentlessness, you will feel the difference in level of your characters against “simple” monsters. Even if we try the mission several times, we have to realize that our characters (and eons) are not powerful enough.

Thus, to be able to complete the game, the boring phase of LevelUp is mandatory. To limit this “inconvenience”, one of the characters can increase the experience received at the end of a mission even if the gain is not really huge. In the end you will lose 1 or 2 hours depending on the level you want to reach to finally close Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings . Note that finishing the game in its entirety unlocks an additional cinematic at the end.


Very similar to a Heroes of Mana , Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings nevertheless brings its own little personal touch: cross the world of Lemurés from island to island via a flying ship, improve it through trophies, make a pact with eons etc.

Even if the sauce takes well during the 10 chapters that make up the story, the lifespan is artificially inflated as soon as we want to complete the game in its entirety which remains, in my opinion, one of the biggest defects of the title of Square Enix. Hoping that this error will be corrected in a possible sequel to this episode …

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