First LG Optimus G2 Hands on video leaked on YouTube.

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The LG’s next flagship device the LG Optimus G2 is on the verge of announcement as more and more images of the device have been seen online in recent days. The device has been spotted into hand full of clear pictures yesterday while today we come to find the video shared on a YouTube channel.

The device have been first time scene live on a video and the user who have been using it was also found quite fascinated with the overall look and the feel of this LG Optimus G2. For me personally the best and the most interesting feature is the on screen navigation keys, i.e the Home, back and the option keys which displays on screen whenever you need them. The other thing is the position of buttons, the Volume rockers and the Unlock key or the Power key are at the back of the device which is also an impressive attempted design offered by LG in their most anticipated LG Optimus G2.

This one  minute video preview of the device was quite impressive and earned some new LG fans who have never been onto LG Optimus line ever before. The LG G2 has been codenamed as LG-D803 and will run on latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. With the previous leaked reports the device will have a a 5.4 inch end to end display, with the latest Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor on board which will have a clock speed of over 2 GHz.

The overall design shows that the device is much more thinner than the previous LG Optimus G version and runs on a total new User Interface with the even cooler on screen animation transitions. Watch the video below.

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