Fix Wifi Not Connecting On Samsung Galaxy S5 [ How To ]

Wifi Not Connecting On Samsung Galaxy S5

No electronic device is perfect and when it come to smartphone there is no chance of it, everyday i hear a new issue regarding WiFi, Charging, Camera and many more. Today we’ll help you to Fix Wifi Not Connecting On Samsung Galaxy S5, few days back my friends told me about this and then after a long hard work finally we’ve found a solution. There is no specific reason for this issue so you have to apply all the solutions, we’ve prepared a step by step guide to fix Wifi Not Connecting On Samsung Galaxy S5. Please follow all the steps very carefully, if by chance you miss one means you have to do it all over again. You can also check how to fix no service on Samsung Galaxy s5 and Fix Lag issues on Samsung Galaxy S5.

How To Fix Wifi Not Connecting On Samsung Galaxy S5:


Step 1: First turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 and wait for 2 mins, Turn it on again.

Step 2: Turn off/On your WiFi router.

Step 3: Go to Settings->Wi-fi > Edit > Show Advanced Options, change the IP Settings to Static.

Step 4: Go to Settings and try to setup your WiFi connection from scratch. Settings > Wi-fi > Tap on Network> Forget.

Step 5: Go to Settings, Tap on Wi-fi.

Step 6: Now Tap on Settings.

Step 7: Tap on Advanced.

Step 8: Now Tap on Keep Wi-fi On during Sleep > Always > Always allow scanning.

Step 9: Check your Mac address on Samsung Galaxy S5 and make sure its in WiFi router list. Wi-fi > Settings > Advanced.

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