Google Play Games leaked ahead of Google I/O.

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We have learnt about this new Google Play Games service back in mid of April when Google’s project glass ads shown some hints that Google was working on something big for the Android gaming community. The new leaked images have confirmed the news and we have received the official update of the Google Play service app version 3.1.36 which has been made cracked open and spilling all the most important information regarding the new addition of Google Play Games

The new Google Play Games service will provide online cloud based services to integrate your game data online. Game saves and multiplayer matches and even in-game purchases will be made possible with the help of this new added app to the Google Play store. In addition to this player now can invite other players using the same Google Play Games platform to share their gameplay experience, which will surely makes smartphone gaming more enjoyable. 

Moreover it will help in gathering all your games achievements and integrate all global leaderboards at one place. That will help you see all your stats or all your progress that you made in different games at this same very own games app. 

The leaked version isn’t functioning properly yet and the only option that you can use is the ability to change accounts the Play Games settings menu. Another fact that you must keep in mind is the new Play Games account is linked with Google+ account so you must have one if you want to use all Google Play Game services that it offers.

google play games, play games, google new service, Google game service

The Google I/O is taking place next week so its quite sure that the Google Play Games will be officially announced at that event. However there are still some reports suggesting that it could even show up earlier i.e within 2-3 days.

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