How to Post Unlike or thumbs down Emoticon in chat or comments on Facebook.


Many of us would like to unlike or dislike some posts on the Facebook but we simply can’t and that is due to Facebook developers didn’t liked this feature. And this made most of us annoyed. But we still have the option to show our emotions in real emoticons that will express what we want to express in the Facebook chats menu or under the posts in the comments box.

These new emoticons are the thumb down and even the middle finger signs which will be enough if you really annoyed from a post or while on chat with your friends on Facebook.  This thumbs down or Unlike emoticon for Facebook has been one of the most used emoticon but most of us don’t know how to make this negative comment logo.


How to add Unlike and Middle Finger Emoticon in Facebook Chat and Comments:

Now to add this Unlike or thumbs down emoticons to your Facebook chat you have to follow the following steps and you will come up with a real thumbs down emoticon and beside this you can even add the middle finger emoticon which can be used when you are being bullied by any contact whom you are chatting with. This will surely make the conversation even more funnier.

Step 1: Click on your friend’s name in the chat box to start a conversion with him/her.

Step 2: When you seem the conversation need to be more than words can explain, add the below emoticon codes for adding your desired icon.

Emoticon code for Middle Finger-  [[midfing]]

Emoticon code for Dislike-  [[iidislyk]]

This will show up the desired new Emoticons, The Middle Finger and the Unlike will make your friend surprised and he will try to copy it but it won’t work for him.

If you want to add the same Dislike or Unlike emoticons and the middle finger emoticons in the comment box you can simply add the Facemoji extension in your chrome browser and you will have access to hundreds of other Facebook emoticons which no one else is able to use. The image of the options can bee seen in the image below.


For above purpose you can follow this link which will guide you through the rest of process which will make you post Unlike or Thumbs down emoticons in chat or comments on Facebook.

Hope you will find this post interesting and with these new emoticons you will surely surprise your friends. middle-fingerDon’t forget to share this awesome tip with your friends by sharing this post on clicking the sharing buttons below. Also Stay tune and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google +, to know more tweaks and tips.

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