How to Protect Your Privacy and Security on the Internet?

In today’s digital era, data can be accessed easily via the internet or social media. For this reason, protecting your privacy and security on the Internet is very important. Because, the more personal data leaks, the more your profile and all your activities can be easily tracked.

The internet has become an open tool that is often targeted by some people to commit crimes that harm many parties. Therefore, protecting privacy on the internet is the most important thing to avoid various threats of crime. Protecting your privacy and security on the Internet will minimize crimes that lead to the activity of identifying, tracking, or targeting specific individuals.

Some personal data that can be misused by criminals on the internet include home addresses, emails, telephone numbers, NIK, driver’s licenses, NPWP, STNK, bank accounts, biometric data and others.

To be more secure, it is better that the data is not published when browsing the internet or when using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other popular conversation applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram. That’s why you need a Virtual Privat Network provider service to protect your precious data. There are many VPN service providers who allow free VPN Trials on their sites to let you choose the best one for your usage.

Some Ways to Maintain Online Privacy

There are several ways to protect your privacy and security on the Internet that can be done to avoid crime, including:

  1. Create a strong password

Passwords are the main defense to prevent malicious hackers from accessing your account. For that use a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.

  1. Use private browsing or incognito mode

When surfing the internet, history and passwords will be saved in the browser. This can be a security threat.

For that, use a browser that has a private browsing mode or an incognito mode which will delete all history and cache data when you close the browser.

  1. Create a backup email

It’s a good idea to separate your personal account from your public account, using a backup email or separate email to protect your privacy and security on the Internet.

  1. Avoid sharing location in real time

Real-time locations or locations of frequently visited places can be very valuable information for people who want to commit crimes.

  1. Using a VPN

A VPN can protect your privacy and security on the Internet while you are browsing or whatever your activities are on the Internet. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that provides an encrypted connection over the Internet and protects the data sent.

This VPN service will work by changing the IP address on the original device to the address of a server in another country. Next, a new secure connection is created so that the provider cannot block the connection and the intruder does not recognize it because there is encryption during the data truncation process.

Now I would like to introduce you a free VPN app: iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a free VPN with a virtual private network that can help you to protect your privacy and security on the internet with military-grade encryption.

You can also enjoy unlimited access to any content you like without any blocks or geo-restrictions.

iTop VPN works by encrypting Internet traffic and hiding your IP address from hackers and trackers thereby providing you with a secure private network environment.

iTop VPN will automatically select the fastest network protocol for you by default. You can also manually use certain network protocols according to your needs.

The Basic protocol will provide a high level of privacy protection for most users.

The good news is, you can use a VPN for Windows that can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 without being charged or free. iTop VPN is also available for Android and iOS devices.

iTop VPN

Here are some features and advantages when you use iTop VPN

Free VPN – You can use for free

Automatic network – flexible for surfing online

TCP – very secure in privacy protection

UDP – super fast for streaming and gaming

Military-grade encryption

Global Proxy Server

Unlimited Bandwidth

No Logging Policy

Specific Network Protocol

Streaming Netflix Series

Dedicated Server for Social Services

In addition to VPN for PC, iTop VPN is also available for Android and iOS which can be used easily.

Download the iTop VPN application on the Play store for free.

After the application is installed, click the connect button to connect the internet network to the VPN.

You will be directly connected to the iTop VPN protocol by default

For the free version, you can use 16 servers and 700 MB usage per day.

There is also a paid (premium) version of iTop VPN with more than 1000 choices of servers with unlimited data and bandwidth (unlimited). There is also a choice of streaming servers and social servers with high speed internet.

Protect your privacy and security on the Internet using iTop VPN with military-grade security for free.

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