How to See Employee Hours in Talech.

When running a restaurant business, it is essential to track employee hours to ensure they are neither overpaid nor underpaid. It will also help you manage things like vacations and time off. This feature in modern POS can be accessed differently.

Talech is a well built POS solution for restaurant owners.  It helps them manage their businesses more productively. It has some fantastic features, such as the ability to see and track employee hours. And in this article, we have given detailed notes on how to access this feature. To learn about this, continue reading.

About Talech Point of Sale

Talech Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware company is an Apple brand based in Palo Alto, CA. Talech provides solutions to restaurant-based industries and exclusively available for Elavon merchants.

Everything a restaurant owner would need to expand their business is embedded in Talech’s POS features. Some of these features include online ordering, robust analytics, promo management, and employee management.

Talech POS Employee hours

How to See Your Employee Hours in Talech

You can manage your employees’ hours with the clock-in feature. At the beginning of each staff shift, staff can clock-in from the login screen. During the shift, employees can sign out and sign in. At the end of a shift, employees can enter their pin to clock out.

Track the hours worked by your employees by using the time-shift with work, available in the app or via

You can manually adjust employee hours by adding a shift or an existing one. Manage your employee by using the Talech register or

There are three types of employees. Admin, Users, and Others.

Users have limited access by can access most register functions. Employee permission gives you additional control over which employees can access different functions. Each employee is assigned a unique pin to sign in and clock-in to the Talech register.

Admins have full access to the system. While Others can only clock-in and clock-out.

You can also manage employees using With this, you can view all employees in your company. Select an employee to view and edit their details and permission setting.

Following the below instructions will help you to understand your employee time clock. You can view it on the Talech register app. For the employee to clock-in and clock-out after entering their four or six-digit pin and select any of the below available options.

  • Clock-In: Employees are to select this option at the beginning of their shifts. Soon after employees clock in, they will instantly be signed into the Talech register.
  • Sign In: This is for employees who do not need to record hours or who are already clocked-in
  • Clock-Out: These options should be selected for employees who desire to go for lunch, take a break, or when their shift is over.

To gain access to the timesheet report or make some edits from the Talech register app, go to Dashboard > Reports and then select Timesheets. Timesheets are on the summary drop-down menu.

Note that the app will display only the selected date time punches per employee. However, if you intend to run a specific range of dates, kindly use the website at reports. On reaching the website, select the Reports tab, click on Employees on the left side of the web page and click on Timesheet. Here, you can edit your employee punches, email them, or download the Time Sheet.

Other Talech Features

1. Online Ordering for Restaurant

According to Wisesmallbusiness, this feature opens new ways to streamline operations, get new customers, and grow your revenue. This facet is seamlessly integrated into your POS, so when a customer places an order, it automatically displays in Talech Register alongside the rest of your orders.

This feature increases your line speed, reduces administration time, removes counter clutter, and reduces administrative expenses.

2. Managing Products

This feature helps you to manage your products during the Talech Register.

To create a new product, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on the plus button on the top right.
  2. Add new products and use Category to group your products.
  3. Turn on Track Quantity and enter the amount if you would like to track inventory.
  4. Set an item cost if you would like to track profitability.
  5. Enter a price for your product.
  6. Apply Add-On and Exclusions to your item.
  7. Use variations to create a single product like different options such as size.
  8. Use the Batch edit feature on the top right to change the price, cost, and other details for multiple products.
  9. Use the Batch upload feature to upload new products into inventory.
  10. Download and use the template to enter your product list. You can also download your entire product list as a spreadsheet.
  11. You can create multiple dollars or percentage discounts and apply them to order.

3. Product Cards

Product cards contain the product price, the quantity of the product, and the product’s name on your menu. The card could be created as pictures or color-coded for quickness and ease when navigating.

To access this feature, long pressed the items that have the information icon on the top of your device. This would enable you to view descriptions in detail. This is an excellent place for allergy information, tasting note, or ingredients.

To take an order:

  • Choose an order type from the register’s screen.
  • Add a customer’s name.
  • Add a table number or guest count if wanted. Doing this would help you quickly identification when recalling an order.

  • With the premium version of Talech, you can easily add items to the order by course or category. To build your order, simply tap on product cards.

    4. Gift Card Facet

    The Gift Card feature allows your customers to share their love for your business with others. They are easy to activate, manage, and redeem. You can activate or purchase gift cards straight from your Talech Register.

    You can activate a gift card, redeem a gift card for payment, and check its balance.

    5. Creating and Managing Orders

    With this feature, you can create and manage orders, add customized items, and view categorized products. It allows you to split checks and associate orders by the position of guests at the table. Send orders to the kitchen, adjust tips, processed refunds, apply discounts, and void items.

    6. Understand your Business

    This is analytics that gives you reports in detail on transaction trends and sales. It allows you to see which employees and products are the top performers. It also provides you a daily summary at the end of every business day.

    7. Understand your customers

    This is also analytics that captures the information of your customers at the POS. It lets you understand how frequently your customers visit your restaurant. It also tells you how much they spend each time they visit your business, their order preference, and when they last visited.

    8. Make Wise Decisions

    This is another analytics that offers actionable recommendations and identifies insight patterns in your data. Both of which can remarkably help your business to run better and more smoothly.

    9. Employee Time Sheet

    There is an option on the Talech Register that allows you to make edits if there is a missing shift, accidental punch out, or missed punch for an employee in the Register. If there is an occurrence of any of these, you can edit the Time Sheets. To do this, follow the instructions below.

    • Log in to the Register as an employee with permission to Time Edit.
  • Click on Report from the Dashboard
  • Select Time Sheet from the drop-down menu

  • Conclusion

    Talech is a cloud-based professional service, restaurant and bar, and retail solution that provides inventory, POS, real-time analytics, customer management, and more. When running a business, it is vital to see and track your employees’ number of hours. And Talech uniquely offers this feature. We hope that our article has given you detailed information on how to see your employee hours.

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