How to Set Your Folding Phone Up for Work Everywhere

Folding phones are undoubtedly a significant step up for working on the go, but for the unfamiliar, they still present some challenges. Existing in a space between slate phones and tablets, not taking full advantage of a folding phone can leave a lot of potential untapped, and today we want to examine how to avoid this issue. It might take little practice and a few extra steps, but if you’re looking to take your mobile work game to the next level, consider the following.

What Can Be Done?

Before looking at the steps needed to make the most from folding phones, we need to consider a starting place that could benefit from taking this new approach. For this, we’ll use the high-demand field of DXY trading. Working with the US Dollar Index requires up-to-date information, a reliable connection, and the ability to work with multiple applications at once. Drastic price changes mean workers in this area always need to be on their game, so if you can excel on folding phones here, you can practice anywhere. So, how do we go about getting started?

Galaxy Fold Phone

Learn to Multitask

Multitasking on desktops and laptops is a process we all learn, but multitasking on mobile systems requires a different approach. There are a lot of shortcuts and techniques that don’t directly translate to mobiles, so it’s important to take a little time to study rather than blunder onwards. Exact controls will differ depending on your mobile type and firmware, so we’d recommend checking out official guides to find the right approach. Galaxy Fold users can go to the Samsung website, for example, and Google searches can always help.

Access Everywhere

Mobile network coverage in the US reaches around 99.9% of the population. This doesn’t mean that 99.9% of the outdoors has mobile coverage, however, as there are still vast areas out of 4G and 5G reach. Those who want or need to travel to more isolated areas as they work could be held back by this reality, but there are solutions. Specifically, Bluetooth devices like those from Bullitt can connect devices to satellites, creating a link that can deliver when traditional systems cannot. Still, in the early days, these systems can elevate folding phone connectivity to the next level, and rumors persist of Starlink testing similar approaches which could arrive soon.

Keep Powered

High-demand jobs can have simple processes quickly turn complicated, and when this happens, you can end up spending hours glued to your screen. This is stressful enough, and when it catches you on a low battery charge, the stress is amplified. To avoid this issue, we’d recommend users keep a portable power bank on them at all times. For those who travel, this needs to be kept under 27,000 mAh to be legal for international flights, and it needs to be charged diligently.

Power Bank

Folding phones will never quite match up to desktops and laptops when it comes to intensive work, but they can still be powerful work tools with the right approach. With remote work becoming so much more viable over the last few years, taking the above steps can help you fill the gaps in access you’d otherwise experience. Just remember to buy a phone case, as dropping a device isn’t something you can really prepare for.

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