How To Stop Spam from Sites, Who Sell Your Email Address

How To Stop Spam from Sites, Who Sell Your Email Address

Using an email in this era is a must thing, like now a days people don’t wait for the post service to deliver the mail or their important message. Now there are hundreds of online service who are giving free mail services and one them is from search Gaint Google, Gmail is the free email service around the Web. Well we don’t get only important message while using Gmail, we also get Spam from many other sites. We don’t even want to see what they are giving or selling, most of us never visited their sites. Now you are wondering how did they manage to get my information?. Well let me explain you how ? when you registered on any webpage you add a risk to your information, yes they can sell your information and you cannot do anything. This is why I have prepared a guide on How To Stop Spam from Sites, Who Sell Your Email Address.

Before proceeding to the guide let me clear one thing, this guide may be not compatible on all the services. I’ll soon update the guide with method that will work on all the services.

How To Stop Spam from Sites, Who Sell Your Email Address:

Step 1: Open any site where you’ve to register before you start using it.

Step 2: I am doing this on Amazon.

Step 3: Now click on register to start the process.

Step 4: Now fill the form and when you have to add your email address try this e.g ( ).

Step 5: Now Open Gmail and login.

Step 6: Click on Gear Icon and select settings.


Step 7: Open the “Filters” tab and create a new filter.


Step 8: Now add modified email address in the “To” forum and click “Create filter with this search.”

these-clever-gmail-hacks-will-stop-spam-from-sites-who-sell-your-email-address.w654 (2)

Step 9: Now yo have to select a specific folder or anything to set the path for these emails.

these-clever-gmail-hacks-will-stop-spam-from-sites-who-sell-your-email-address.w654 (3)

All Done.

Using This “Plus” Trick with Other Email Providers:

  • Gmail (+)
  • Yahoo! Mail Plus ()
  • Runbox (+, )
  • (+)
  • (+)
  • FastMail.FM (+)
  • MMDF (=)

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