Introduction to LambdaTest

When developing your website, your primary focus is providing your users with a seamless web experience. One way to ensure that is through cross-browser testing. Through cross-browser testing, one can compare the functionality and performance of their website among other websites. This ensures your users can use your website without interruption, regardless of what browser they decide to go with.

There are numerous cross-browser testing tools you can use to compare. One of the most top-rated and preferred ones is LambdaTest. To know more about what it is, its pros, and how to conduct it, read on.

Everything You Need To Know About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform that is cloud-based. It allows website developers to run automation tests at large across over 3000 browsers, online operating systems, and electronic devices. Scalable and reliable, you can use this test to test your website’s performance either manually or through an automated method.


Regardless of what method you choose to go with, you can check whether or not your website is compatible with these levels. As it is a cloud-based tool, it uses real-time testing to conduct the comparison.

Pros of LambdaTest

1.Test Your Locally Hosted Website

With LambdaTest, before you publish your website, you can connect to cloud servers and check your website’s performance with over 56 devices to ensure your website responds and functions appropriately among them all.

  1. LambdaTest Chrome Extension Screenshot Testing

    With LambdaTest, at one go, you can take a number of screenshots through various desktops and mobile devices running on different operating systems. In a single session, you can capture up to 25 screenshots and choose from old to new versions of browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, along with various operating systems like macOS, Windows, Android, and more. Besides this, you could also perform screen recordings.

  2. Collaboration During Testing

    Unlike other non-cloud testing tools, LambdaTest allows you to continuously collaborate with your teammates while testing. In case you find bugs or issues, you could immediately communicate this with anyone. Not only this, you could also directly log the problem into other bug management tools for instant rectification.

  3. Test Responsiveness

    Using the secure shell tunnel, one can test the responsiveness of your locally hosted website on various screens and devices. If you feel that the response is not up to your expectations, you could always make changes to it.

  4. Visual Testing

    Besides checking performance and responsiveness, you could also perform visual testing with LambdaTest. With this, you can see if design elements like icon sizing, font size, layouts, banner images, and element positioning are in the right position or not. It compares your website on browsers and devices of different screen sizes, to check if it is aesthetically and visually appealing.

  5. In-built Issue Tracker

    For our convenience, LambdaTest has an in-built issue tracker, where you can directly assign, track, export, and share bugs. By employing this tracker, you avoid the need of third-party management tools that do the same.

  6. Chrome Extension

    An extension is available for Google Chrome Browser

  7. 24×7 Support

    If there are any issues still need dealing with, LambdaTest has 24×7 support. You could always reach out to their tech support with any queries you have and they will help resolve them.

How To Perform A LambdaTest

LambdaTest platform helps you to perform both manual and automated testing on a combination of 3000+ browsers & OS. The platform offers a secure, scalable, and reliable online selenium grid that helps users to fast track their automated tests. Users can also take advantage of the 100+ integrations offered by LambdaTest. Their 24×7 technical support acts like a cherry on the cake and handholds users to run the tests successfully without fail.

To maintain consistency and flexibility, you must perform cross-browser testing is crucial. It helps you check your website amongst a number of browsers, operating systems, and electronic systems to ensure that your users do not face any issues with user experience. This includes checking the performance, responsiveness, design elements, and so much more.

While there are many cross-browser testing platforms for you to choose from, LambdaTest ranks high as it has many unique features that others don’t. Not only does it compare your website effectively with real-time cross-browser testing, but you can also compare them live.

We hope with this; you have a detailed introduction to cross-browser testing as well as LambdaTest.

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