Is Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with Tizen OS instead of Android?

Is Galaxy S5 come with Tizen OS manufactures

It has been rumored now that one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 device will be released with Tizen OS rather than Android Kitkat. These rumors don’t have any clear source and are weak. But we know that the Tizen OS is the propriety operating software for Samsung. Samsung has been meaning to release it with device for a long time now, but a Galaxy 5 with Google play and all the other apps, sounds a little vacant.

Tizen is an open sourced Linux based operating system co-developed by Samsung and Intel. The two tech giants took the best parts of their own operating system, Bada and Meego, and tried to incorporate into this new OS to be used for phones, tablets, cameras, gadgets, and even appliances.

That sounds like the market share of mobile OS will be split into four ways in the future, Android, iOS, Window and Tizen. Even though Samsung denies of potential break up with Android, they seem to be getting things ready behind the closed doors.

According to Boo-Keun Yoon Co-CEO and head of consumer electronics, their overall aim is to create an ecosystem in which  users are able to connect all Samsung devices. The Korean company clearly wants to have Tizen running on everything. But it will probably gauge the market first, and see how it reacts to the introduction of the first Tizen-powered mobile devices before expanding into markets beyond consumer electronics.

Is Galaxy S5 come with Tizen OS manufactures

On otherway,  the upcoming Galaxy S5 coming in Tizen will has the biggest obstacle if it does get released that the number of apps might not be available for the platform. Cloud Samsung surprise everyone with a brand new mobile OS that can run Android apps, perhaps with some sort of conversation process tagged onto the installation process.

Samsung Manufactured phones already comes preinstalled with Samsung own app store instead of Google Play as if they are trying to prepare the users for switch when Tizen finally break out of its shell. One other thing is that; The Samsung in fact pays Google a significant sum of money for selling devices running Android OS. And Not only that Samsung makes to money beyond the sales of the hardware, unlike Google who continue to make money form the phone made by Samsung when uses purchase apps, games, movies and music through Google Play.

The Galaxy S5 in Tizen OS is a sudden switch over according to rumors but you should also know that Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t come with Tizen OS as they can’t ship their flagship smartphone without an app store. The competition of Samsung is with Google Play which is the biggest app store in the World.


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