Lesser-known iPhone camera features you may want to try

Most of us are using the iPhone camera for some pretty basic tasks. We take videos and photos but don’t really adjust or modify any of the settings. That’s a missed opportunity, because you always want to focus on making your images better.

There are some features few people use that can really push the boundaries when it comes to your camera and how you use it.

Iphone Camera Features

Taking both videos and images at once

That’s the great thing about the app, you can record a video and also take photos. Start the video recording and then you will have a white shutter button on the screen. You can press that button and take videos as you record. That’s a great feature that will save time, and you can take some great pics without the need to screenshot your video or anything like that.

Using burst mode

Maybe you don’t want to tap for each image you want to take, and instead, you want a batch of photos taken within the span of a few seconds. You can use the Burst mode for that, a specialized mode where you just place the finger on the shutter and then pull it to the left. Keep in mind that it can take a bit to ensure everything works as expected. However, once you learn how to master it, you are bound to use it way more often.

Fixing your lighting

One of the issues that most Backlightblog.com users know about is the fact that iPhone lighting isn’t really the best. There is a hidden menu that can help you improve that. What you need to do is to tap the carrot found in the top middle of your photo menu. Here you want to look for something called the Exposure Control. It’s a nifty and very powerful tool, and one that will help you quite a lot. You can brighten or darken images in order to make them more interesting and appealing.

Deleting people from shots

Sometimes you just want to have a picture without any person in there. Maybe a person entered the shot by mistake, or you just want to have a clearer image. Thankfully, you can do that, there is a feature called Live Photos and here you can also try out Long Exposure, also within the app. These are great ideas and they truly help enhance the experience in a way that’s enjoyable and engaging.

Mirroring your cameras

If you want to avoid mirroring issues, you can go to the general camera settings, and here you want to stop the Mirror Front Camera function. If it’s enabled, disable it. You can find this feature in the Composition area, near the Grid and View Outside the Frame.

It’s a great opportunity to focus on improving your images and making them stand out. Things like mirroring, deleting people from shots, improving your lighting or being able to take shots faster will always come in handy. That’s why we highly recommend giving them a try for yourself.

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