Merge Dragons Wild Lands Event Items

The mega event everyone was anticipating is here. The updated Merge Dragons Wild Lands event is the latest one for the participants with updated version 9.2 of the game. Although there is a rule of entry for players with a minimum of 450 dragons, you can still enter using some cheats.

There are plenty of new items added to the gameplay including special Golden, Red, Green, and Blue Wildberries in common categories. Moreover, a whole new breed of Mystic Trees was added along with Ruined Fountains to make this WildLands event special.

Here are all the main items in this Wild Lands Event and the tips and FAQs answered in detail.

Merge Dragons Wild Lands Event

Merge Dragons Wild Lands Event Participation Tips:

You enter the event by tapping Conjurers to create the object. Then by completing the quests you get the chance to earn wild berries. Feeding these extra wildbarries to the dragons may tame them. Even after the event is over you can still have the dragons waiting in your camp. Make sure to update your app from google play store.

  • Dragons do not harvest idly. They only harvest/consume berries, and the berries must be double-tapped or the dragons need to be dragged on top of the berry to harvest/consume it.
  • There is no Life Flowers or Life Orbs available in the Event, all healing of dead land must be done by merge-healing.
  • Sections of the map are healed by taming dragons, each dragon will have an assigned amount of affection that must be consumed before they are tamed.

Types of Conjurers:

  • There are three types of Conjurers. They are available in various sections of the map. Conjurers give items when tapped. Each Conjurer produces items for two chains.
  • There are three quests on the left side of the screen, they are not skippable. As these quests are completed, more will appear.

Quest Items:

  • Giving an item for a quest will provide a chest, which will have a berry in it. The color of the chest determines which berry is in the chest.
  • Dragons have a specific type of berry that they prefer, they will not consume berries that aren’t that type, with the exception of Golden Berries.
  • Green, red and blue berries can be harvested to create a Gold Berry, which can be consumed by all dragon types.
  • Golden Berries are worth more affection than the same level of other berries.

Merge Lands Event Special ITEMS!

Here is the list of all the special items unveiled for the MergLands Event 2022 in Merge Dragons. For Android users, you must have version 9.5 or an updated one to get these items. Get Merge Dragons Apk here.

1- Golden Berries:

Golden Wildberries

  • Tiny Golden WildBerry
  • Golden Wildberry
  • Huge Golden Wildberry

2- Green Berries:

Green Wildberries

  • Tine Green Wildberry
  • Green Wildberry
  • Juicy Green Wildberry

3- Blue Berries:

BLue Wildberries

  • Tiny Blue Wildberry
  • Blue Wildberry
  • Juicy Blue Wildberry

4- Red Berries:

Red Wildberries

  • Tiny Red Wildberry
  • Red Wildberry
  • Juicy Red Wildberry

5- Mystic Trees:

Mystic Trees

  • Depleted Conjurer Log
  • Drained Conjurer Log
  • Conjurer Shrub
  • Conjurer Tree
  • Enchanted Conjurer Tree
  • Mighty Conjurer Tree

6- Ruined Fountains:

Ruined Fountains

  • Depleted Conjurer Puddle
  • Drained Conjurer Puddle
  • Minor Conjurer Fountains
  • Conjurer Fountains
  • Enchanted Conjurer Fountains
  • Mighty Conjurer Fountains

Revised Event Tips:

  • All Wild dragons will eat Gold berries along with their “preferred” type

    • To create Gold berries, use your Tamed dragons to harvest the red/green/blue fruits.

    • All berry colors yield the same amount of points (1/4/15)

  • You may have leftover eggs on dead land

    • There were four locations where egg 5-merges were possible; if you missed one of those, you will be left with extra unusable eggs.

  • Your Event is over when you are out of eggs to merge and have tamed all your dragons.

    • L2 dragons will need to rest before they can eat enough berries to be tamed.

    • If you have untamed dragons that are rested but still refusing to eat their preferred or gold berries, they may need to be tapped out of the dragon house first.

The 24 hour Wild Lands Event Trick:

Here are some tricks to end the Merge Dragons WildLands event within 24 hours

Event FAQs:

  • The event relies heavily on tapping/directing from the Dragon Book at the top left of the screen.

    • You need to tap the individual quest icons to fulfill requests, AND to clear the finished quest to collect rewards.

  • Exiting to the main screen may help if the event glitches; closing the game and reloading may also help, and rebooting your device is recommended for many game problems.

  • Locked areas are opened by taming dragons.

    • Dragons are tamed by eating berries; each breed will only eat their preferred color or gold fruit.

    • Each berry is worth a set amount of taming points (1/4/15); if a dragon eats a fruit worth more points than it needs, the extra is wasted.

    • UPDATE: Gold berries are made by harvesting other colors with tamed dragons; Gold fruit can be consumed by any breed but is now worth only the same point amounts as other colors.

  • Tiles are only healed by merging

    • There are many chains involved; you may need to unlock more land to gain event chests to get access to some items.

    • UPDATE: Event chain items may also appear in Berry Chests.

    • TIP: Check the slides in the Guide or links below for unfamiliar items.

  • Extra dragon eggs and other necessary items come from event chests; the dragons you create and tame become yours at the end of the event. Deleting dragons removes them from your prize list.

    • The exact number of dragons for this event has not yet been confirmed appears to be a maximum of 34, but many players missed at least one or more of the 5-merges.

  • Interrupted Merge bubbling (see the Community FAQ for more info) is confirmed to work in this event, but space is still going to be tight.

    • TIP Preemptive bubbling ahead of a merge can reduce leftover items.

  • The Scissors icon on the info bar of some items allows you to “split” the item back into its lower-level predecessors — but this costs gems. The button can be safely tapped to see the price for this service.

  • Quests never end; you’ll always have more popping in to replace those that have been completed.

  • It is not necessary to heal all the land; the event is finished when you have no more mergable eggs/statues and your last wild dragon is tamed.

  • UPDATE: Level 2 dragons requires more affection points to tame, and will need to sleep to restore their stamina before they can eat enough fruit.

    • TIP: As the event draws to an end, keep an eye on your dragons’ stamina and the number who are sleeping in the house. If your house is too full and your Big Dude needs to rest with little time to spare, you may need to pay gems to finish.

    • TIP: If you have an untamed dragon that has full stamina but is still refusing to eat its preferred or gold berries, it may need to be tapped out of the dragon house first

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