Microsoft Windows 8 sales touched 100 million copies.

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Most of us have been listening to the rumors that Windows 8 isn’t making any good sales and isn’t on the par with the Windows 7 but the reality is quite different. Microsoft Windows 8 has achieved yet another milestone as they sold their 100th million license yesterday, as revealed by Microsoft.

There were reports of a 60 Million copies sold almost 4 months ago, but at that time the sales were categorized as the christmas holiday sales as the Windows 8 was available since last October. 

Windows 8 Sales touched 100 million copies:

In a report Microsoft has confirmed that it has sold 100 million licenses of Windows 8 to-date, If we assume that it took 7 months to complete this task, people will regard it as a slow transition of Windows platform and the timeline is a bit longer than expected. Most of the folks around are still quite happy on using the older Windows 7 which happens to be the most stable version of Windows developed by Microsoft yet. The new metro design of the new Windows 8 and support to touch user interface isn’t making a good remark on most customers or maybe they aren’t quite that ready to touch each and every corner of their screens yet.

However that isn’t the end of the world as Microsoft is ready to launch next version of Windows to be named as Windows Blue, or it has been named as Windows 8.1. The name suggests that it will be an updated version of Windows 8 which will be based on the same platform as Windows 8 does.


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