Mobile Monitoring App: a new tool for employee motivation?


So much for the employee motivation on the internet, isn’t it? What if there is something more contemporaneous of a model that defies the traditional boundaries of monetary and non-monetary motivational tools. Herzberg and Maslow would have been proud if they could know about this reliable and effective mobile monitoring app that can possibly be a new dimension for employee motivation.

This app Trackmyfone is perfect for motivating your employees to work more, produce more and cheat less. Employees would know that there is an app that can keep tracks on their calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history and calendar entries, they will be more watchful of their actions.

Reward Your Good Digital Employees

Announce the criteria for a good digital employee. Tell them how much time spent on their smartphones for out-of-work activities is acceptable and what’s the best form of behavior. Keep focus on the fact, that mobile monitoring app is used here to motivate employees but not to decimate their skills and performance.

Give bonus to your employees who are spending least time with their smartphones. You can learn about their smartphone usage using Trackmyfone phone logs tracking.

Apart from workplace, employees can also impact your business as they are the representatives of your company. Lack of sensitivity shown on social media platforms by your employees can severe your company’s name. Trackmyfone can also makes sure that nothing like this ever happens by monitoring their social media accounts.

Intrusion Free, Packed With Features

This mobile monitoringing app provides intrusion free experience to your employees. There is no hindrance or lag with trackmyfone installed on a device. It’s packed with amazing features to provide the best value for money to its customers. GPS tracking allows employers to track their employees during office breaks and even after working hours, making sure that their employees are not involved in any sort of inappropriate activities.


The all-in-one control panel lets trackmyfone users to control all of their employees’ devices at one place. It’s extremely easy to toggle on/off features or access data from the control panel.

Buying Trackmyfone

Lastly, getting onto how employers can buy trackmyfone, they will require to visit the app’s website. They can experience the live demo or learn more about the product. After that they can choose their package plan according to their needs. It’s a great mobile monitoring app, when used with the right positive attitude to motivate employees can do wonders for a business.

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