HoleHouse Walkthrough, Scenes and all the features.

HoleHouse Walkthrough: Hole House is a super fun game for all those who love story-based NFSW games. HoleHouse is a game where you come across an old funhouse that has just come under new ownership as they are trying to revamp and revitalize the industry.

They are currently understaffed and looking for workers, however, you will have to prove yourself if you’re going to become a full-time member. There are only a few girls working here at the moment but over time I’m sure you’ll be able to convince more to come to whether it’s for money, satisfaction or some other twisted reason.

Along the way, you will need to upgrade the House and learn how to charm more luxury women. There’s plenty to choose from in the Hole House so i hope you enjoy your time.

Here is the detailed HoulHouse Walkthrough that everyone is looking for.

HoleHouse Walkthrough

HoleHouse Walkthrough in detail:

Hole House Is Your Fully Customisable Fun Simulator. In Hole House The Game you stumble upon an establishment that from the outside looks like it could need some work done but you’re up to the task. Once inside you will run into the receptionist of the Hole House who will help you along your way but first, you must do a few things for the only girls remaining.

Once you have got access to the Hole House phone you’ll have a full range of the house and all the features that come with running a successful business of this variety.

There are two main things in Hole House you are going to want to do along the way: unlocking the girls you’d like to be a part of your business and unlocking the scenes you want those girls to be viewed in. Most of the stuff can be unlocked in any order giving you free range to go after whatever your heart desires first

Be careful though, like any good business the Hole House employees need to be kept happy no matter what, and some of these employees can be very demanding.

Finish with good luck and welcome to the Hole House. You can download the HoleHouse APK now.

Basic Controls:

There are always two main controls in any scenario given with many scrollable options in the game. You can choose from different Characters, scenes, different sides of scenes, and even the X-Ray Opacity.

Unlocking the Phone:

The first step is to unlock the first phone. Which will help you with your future quests. This can only be done if you successfully complete the first scenario with the girls. Initially, you can select from the following girls.

  • Velma
  • Samus
  • Marge
  • Zelda

You can fill any of their bar and once you return to the reception you’ll be rewarded with a phone. With this phone, you can do.

  • Check Future Quest’s
  • Buy Items
  • Travel to different locations

Hole House Menu (Phone) Customization:

To make things customizable you need to get the Settings menu enabled in the game. The Autosave feature can be toggled in the customization options. This can also be added to the pause screen to save the HoleHouse Game manually.

Unlocking Characters:

To unlock characters you have to view the Quest’s menu on your phone. Each Character requires different quests to get completed first to let you use that character in the game.

Once the characters are unlocked you need to visit their locations by simply using the HoleHouse Phone navigation app. The new Hovering over feature with a Holding down option will enable the details of the characters if you have the tooltips enabled in the game.

Buying Characters:

For Characters where you are told to buy them, this is done in the loyalty app on your phone. The price for the character will be displayed adjacent to the $ sign in the buying option.

New Quest Unlock:

If you are stuck on a quest, Please try to read the instructions and the demands to fulfill that quest. If you are asked to talk with the new character in the HoleHouse Scene, then you must make sure you are clicking the text box or the continue button to move the dialogue forward. You can either try the HoleHouse Codes to unlock most of the quest and the items in the game.

However, in some scenes, the characters auto-start the quest part of the dialogue when you try to talk with them. This makes completing an old quest easier and enables the unlocking of the new quest in the game.

Hole House is the House where anything goes. Hire Girls, increase your loyalty with them, and see what kind of things they’ll let you uncover. As you progress through you’ll unlock different parts of the house allowing you to interact fully with the girls in whatever way you want, but most importantly enjoy the (W) Hole House

HoleHouse Game Screenshots:

All HoleHouse Scenes:

Here is the list of scenes that you can get unlocked if you use the correct codes in the game:

  • Velma Scene 1
  • Velma On Desk
  • Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Velma Ride (In Office)
  • Velma Doggy (Office)
  • Samus Scene 1
  • Samus On Desk
  • Samus Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samus Ride (In Office)
  • Marge Scene 1
  • Marge On Desk
  • Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Zelda Scene 1
  • Zelda On Desk
  • Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Zelda Ride (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Scene 1
  • Kim Possible From Below (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Scene 1
  • Raven On Desk
  • Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Raven Ride (In Office)
  • Raven Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Hand Job (Office)
  • Samsung Sam Scene 1
  • Samsung Sam On Desk
  • Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samsung Sam Ride (In Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Scene 1
  • Gwen Stacy On Desk
  • Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office)
  • Harley Quinn Scene 1
  • Harley Quinn On Desk
  • Harley Quinn Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Scene 1
  • Peach On Desk
  • Peach Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Peach Doggy (Office)
  • Jinx Scene 1
  • Jinx Ride (In Office)

More Scenes are added in the HoleHouse iOS version.

Unlocking HoleHouse Scenes:

To get access to the most scenes get your Phone and go to the Call App. This will enable you to call the girl to the scene you want in the game. You can call the girl to the upstairs room to try out different moves in a new scenario. This can also help in unlocking the new scenarios in the game. The developer has promised to add a Third Floor to the game for more interesting scenes and moves.

Unlocking more scenes is very similar to the character where the quest will tell you exactly what you need to do. The scene quest is the one in the top left as soon as you open the quest app.

Interacting with characters:

The better you interact with the girls meanwhile doing your moves, the quest requirements will be done accordingly and you have the chance to do this quest even better.

In the initial scenario, this is only viable with the unlocked character “Velma” in the new doggy close-up scene at the start of the game.

How to Earn Money in HoleHouse Game:

Money will be paid to you at the end of each day. Make sure to complete the whole quest to get paid in full. If you skip the time your rewards will be deducted around 1/4 of the total payable dues.

So in most cases, you are entitled to skip 6 hours maximum, or else you would not be able to earn any money in the HoleHouse game.

Bonus Tips to Earn Faster Money:

To increase the amount of money you earn, you need to hire more girls and take them to the new scenario. You have to increase your level or have your house open for longer hours.

This can be done using the Phone App, by making it available with the “OPEN” sign on the door. You can see your earnings in the House Stats on your Phone with detailed daily income figures.

Moving Time Forward:

To make the time progress you need to view the scene, switching between characters while in the same scene will also progress the time even faster. Every time you enter a scene it will add a random amount of hours and minutes to the time. While coming back out the time progress you will be paid if you have gone past a day.

Download links from Twitter:

The upcoming HoleHouse Updates:

According to the developers of the game at Patreon, here are some of the main features that he is talking about in the game.

Over the long haul, He’ll be working on adding lots of new fun stuff which you’ll all have a say in. Some of the ideas so far are:

Third Floor

This will be a rooftop bar where you can go to get some drinks along with some other fun scenes.

Unique Character Outfits

We will be adding some of each character’s unique outfits to all their scenes to give them more of a different feel to the other characters in the game.

Different. Body Types

This is following on from the one above but I’m hoping to have 3-4 different body types to make every character feel as unique as possible.

Finish On Different Places Of The Body

My main plan is to have it so you can click exactly where you would like to finish to give people more freedom and it could also lead to some fun scenes.

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Taking Girl’s On Date’s

This will be a cool way to get some more dialogue into the game and can also end with a unique scene for every girl.

Change the Speed Of Scenes

There will be 3 speeds to set to start with (Slow, Normal, Fast). If I can figure out a way to add a slider so you can pick your exact speed i will

Ability To Upgrade Each Room –

This will let you fully customize the way your house looks room by room.

Specific Feet Scene’s –

I know a lot of people would like to see this so I thought i could devote some time to some specific scenes

More In-Depth Systems

This could be for outfits, loyalty etc, Basically anything in the game at the moment can be made more in-depth and immersive to make it feel like your really living it.

Management for the Girl’s

Each girl will get her own room which you can customise where you can choose to send them on tasks or other things you’d like them to do

This is just the start of what the developer has planned and as a Patron, you’ll get to vote and suggest what you would like to see for the game.

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