More smartphones to support USB 3.0 in future.


Well this is something really exciting to know that now the micro USB cable 3.0 is supporting new phones like Galaxy Note 3. This USB cable 3.0 is really useful as it has multiple uses like you can transfer data at even higher rate. Micro USB 3.0 when connected to the computer has the ability to draw 900 milliamps of current which was before 500 milliamps and this is great because it would obviously charge your cellphone more quickly that the normal standard USB 2.0 cable.

Not every mobile phone is having the port to support this cable like Apple has no port to support micro USB 3.0 but Samsung mobiles do support this cable no doubt Apple users have stayed deprived even after the launch of iPhone 6 plus because even this mobile doesn’t have the port to support this cable.

This USB 3.0 cable can also be used on portable Hard Drives in order to transfer data at exceptionally higher rate. You will be amazed to see the transfer speed once you have connected and used it. The port of the mobile has increased in size but It doesn’t matter once you are satisfied with the performance because no doubt the performance of USB cable 3.0 is worthy. You can easily get micro USB 3.0 cable for smartphones at cheap rates from your nearby mobile stores but if you buy Galaxy note 3 you get one in the box.


Canceling the idea of lightning fast cable as claimed by the iPhone makers there are more chances that the Android Smartphone makers adopt this new USB Cable 3 for Android phones, and their will be more smartphones to follow the footsteps of the Galaxy Note 3.

However there are yet not many smartphones with the USB 3.0 Cable support available in the market. But the buzz is all over the place about the speedy new USB connectivity tool to be added in future smartphones especially the ones loaded with Android operating system.

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