Main Mistakes in Your Essay and How to Avoid Them.

Essay writing is a daunting task for some students. Since it’s a test in the academic career, it is to be written flawlessly. May students get stuck or write an essay that does not impress their teachers. For a meaningful essay, one must write something that adequately conveys his message and has strong claims.

You will find several sites dedicated to essays. One of them; PaperLeaf, has several materials to write my paper, research for assignments, and other material that helps students put together compelling essays. If you are stuck with an essay writing paper, you can get inspiration from websites dedicated to this kind of work. In this piece, we discuss some of the things that could water down the quality of your work.

Essay Writing

1.   Not Providing A Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement tells about what you will write in your essay and why it is essential. It provides a direction for the whole paper. A good thesis statement will attract your reader’s attention, giving him a reason to go on reading your essay. You should write a thesis statement so that it tells the purpose and direction of your paper.

A strong thesis statement gives the idea about what you would write in the rest of the essay and why it matters.

2. Basic Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

There is nothing more embarrassing than a poor essay delivered to your professor by you. It could happen because of grammatical and spelling errors in the paper. There are numerous tools available on the internet that can help you write better. You can use Word or other similar programs to edit your work.

3. Plagiarism

Plagiarizing and copying is the worst thing that a student can write in an essay. As we live in a world where the internet offers almost everything, you must write your paper instead of copy-pasting someone else’s work. There are many tools like Turnitin available online, ensuring that document has not been copied from anywhere.

4. Not Using Proper Essay Format

There are different formats for writing papers according to the teacher’s requirements. For writing a research paper, the MLA format is used. If you write in essay-form, then it should be clear and crisp with no grammatical errors. It should also have proper headings to make your essay easy to read.

5. Prolonging the Essay with too Many Details

Many students include too many details and statistics, which is not necessary for their paper. It would help if you wrote only those facts that support your thesis statement. Your essay should be in such a way that it covers the topic and shows your point of view. The piece must not be more extended than required because no one likes to read lengthy papers.

6. Not Using Proper Language

You must use informal language for formal work. You can use words and sentences which show your command over the language. Your piece should be free from all kinds of errors and have the correct use of grammar. You must write in a formal style without using slang words or familiar terms because it would lower your academic status among peers.

7. No Transition Between the Paragraphs

Transition is a paragraph that helps to keep the unity between different parts. Proper transitions help the reader is going on from one topic to another without getting stuck. If you write each paragraph as a new point, it will be difficult for your reader to understand what you are writing about.

Essay Writing Mistakes


If you write an essay without proper attention and care, it will be a mess, and your professor might not like it. It would be best if you wrote essays after reading the requirements from the teacher as they want to test your knowledge on the topic. No one would like to read a paper with grammar errors or no exact thought process behind writing it. Therefore, you should write an essay correctly to receive it well from your professor and boost your grades.

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