Download Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk OBB/Data for Android.

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk

Download and install Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod apk loaded with unlimited coins gems and money.

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App Name Naruto_Kunoichi_Trainer_Mod.Apk
File Size 354.24 MB
Latest Version 0.23.1
OS Android 5.0 and Above
 Developer Naruto
 Updated On April 2024
Play store Naruto Kunoichi Trainer on Google Playstore.

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Main features of Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk:

Go to the Ramen after the fifth day. There you meet Orochimaru. As it turns out, you ended up in this world because of his experiments. He’s willing to share with information about that experiment in exchange for a small favor.

After talking to Orochimaru, go home, wait for next day and then go to the balcony. There you will find a scroll with information about the location you need to get in: See you near the building behind the hospital… .Go to that place and there you’ll be met by Karin who will guide you through the labyrinth into a lair.

Orochimaru agrees to give you access to information once you get Naruto’s blood for him.

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk All locations Unlocked

Naruto’s blood

In order to get that blood, go to the flower shop to Ino. Talk to her. If her trust to you is above 14, you will have an option to ask her to get Naruto’s blood for you.

Go back to her in 3 days and ask about this task. If you come earlier, you will just lower her mood and trust points. She gives you two vials of Naturo’s blood. After giving you the vials, she will ask you whether you trust her.

Choice of answers:

  • I trust you completely (If you have gifts) – Adds 1 point of depravity and 2 points of trust
  • Yes, I trust you – Adds 1 point of trust
  • Trust but verify – -5 points of trust

After that go to the building behind the hospital to Orochimaru. At the entrance, you’ll be met by Karin who will guide you through the labyrinth. After giving the blood, Karin will guide you to the laboratory where you can examine the experiment’s materials. However, you can’t understand a word what’s written in those materials and that’s where Karin will offer to help you in exchange for help with other things. But she’s busy at the moment so you’ll have to wait a few days.

Experiment’s materials

In three days, you’ll wake up in the morning because you hear someone scratching on your balcony. Go out on the balcony and find a scroll from Karin. She says that she took care of her business and she it’s ready to help you. From now on, Karin won’t wait for you at the entrance anymore and that’s why the scroll contains the instructions of how to get through the labyrinth Up-Left-Up-Left-Left-Down.

Already with the instructions, we go to the laboratory and talk with Karin. She will gives us 50 sheets from Orochimaru’s experiment. We read them at home and the next day we go to the laboratory to see Karin. We repeat this action for 3 more times. When the time comes for the third investigation, Karin may not be in the laboratory, so that to advance in the main branch and make Karin appears there, you need to go through the Tenten’s branch until the moment when you need to buy vases from Karin in the forest.

To start the fourth investigation you must have at least one vase in inventory. Karin will ask you to pick mushrooms in the forest. In total, you need to collect 8 mushrooms, after which we are automatically transferred to the laboratory, where we accidentally spy on how Karin changes clothes.

Side Quests:

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk All Girls Unlocked

Amaya events

These events have been moved to a new place.

Experimental Ramen

After the date with Sakura in Ichiraku, Ayame will begin working there every 2 days. You will be able to buy an experimental ramen from her. It should be eaten before you go to bed. There are only 3 special ramens so far.


The event will begin automatically in 30 October – 1 November if you already summoned the spider. Also you can activate this event via cheats menu.

Tenten comes to you house and tells you that today is a Halloween and you need to decorate the village. Go to Hokage and take the pumpkins for this. Then go to any location, open inventory, choose pumpkin and place in anywhere. After placing all of the pumpkins go to the banqueting hall.

There you will meet Karin, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura and Ino (all in the costumes). After the Hokage speech they offer to go to the house with the ghosts. You need to choose one girl. There will be different dialogues depending on your choice. If Ino has good stats there will be a different ending with her.

Walk with chosen girl, the werewolf attacks, we save everyone, we get to the hospital, and the end.

Neighbor with renovation

It starts automatically after day 50.

For a few days you will be woken up by the sounds of renovations.

After a few days, your patience runs out and you go out to sort things out. It turns out that a girl has moved in next door, who is doing repairs and because of the hole in the wall, it is all perfectly audible on the street.

After a few days, you see her talking to Naruto through the hole. This is when you decide to take advantage of the moment and come in from the other side.

All unlocked locations in Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk :

Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk File

  • The Village is the main location and where all the action takes place.
  • Our Home, location in which we can practice and sleep.
  • Tenten’s Store location where we can buy very various items, after Sakura makes the request for “The Fuchsia Flower”, the Tenten branch will be opened with their respective missions.
  • Ino’s Flower Shop, the location where we can work, buy flowers and talk with Ino.
  • Hokage Residence, the location where we can work on the files room and advance in the missions.
  • The Hospital, the location in which mainly happens all the events with Sakura.
  • River, the location in which we train with Sakura in the afternoons.
  • Training Ground, the location in which we train with Ino in the evenings.
  • Tatsubaki’s office, where Irene is located.
  • The surroundings of the village, the location where we can collect herbs for Sakura and collect mushrooms for Karin.

Enjoy this sinfully played game.

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Download and install Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk :

The updated version of the Naruto Kunoichi Trainer Mod Apk comes with all items and scenarios unlocked at the start of the game.

Step by Step download instructions:

Follow the instructions given below.

  1. Download the latest Apk Mod OBB + Data by following this guide.
  2. Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  3. Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  4. Proceed with the installation and finish it.
  5.  All Done. Here is the certified link of the latest apk app to download now.

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