New games on Android: TOP 4 best mobile games in 2020.

New Android games are released in huge numbers. Unfortunately, for the most part, these are dummies in a bright wrapper, behind which there is nothing worthwhile.

So that you don’t have to waste your time and download complete crap on your phone, we have selected the latest Android games released in early 2020.

Best Android Games

# 4 – Frontline Guard: WW2

A list of the best games wouldn’t be complete without this classic WWII shooter. This time, the WWII game has no storyline as such. In Frontline Guard: WW2 storyline completely replaced with online battles. The first thing that I would like to note in the game is the beautifully stylized graphics that give out a nice picture even at low graphic settings.

As for the shooter part – not too fast and not too slow gameplay, different maps, many types of weapons, several game modes. And all this against the backdrop of massive PVP with a bunch of live players.

# 3 – Black Desert: Mobile

Full-fledged open-world MMORPGs are rare guests among games, in principle, and if you start listing high-quality ones, you can completely limit yourself to the fingers of one hand. The release of Black Desert: Mobile changed the situation for the better. And the version for mobile phones keeps the brand. Here you can also create a hero to your taste, choosing his race, gender, class, and fine-tuning the appearance down to the smallest detail.

And then go to explore the truly huge and picturesque world of the Black Desert alone or in a company. There is a lot of things to do here: quests, rewards, mounts, events and holidays, raids into dungeons, and, of course, collecting of top-level items. Tired of adventure? – You can stop at a tavern and drink a virtual mug of beer with your friends. Or just sit by the nearby hill and enjoy the views – they are amazing in this game.

#2 – Casino and other gambling games online

Casinos and other gambling games online are becoming more and more popular among smartphone and tablet users. The number of casino games, including virtual slot games, many varieties of roulette is off the charts and has about 10 thousand titles.

It’s no surprise that these games are growing in popularity. And most importantly, you can check all gambling games on the Bgaoc website for free!

# 1 – Spiritwish

Our mobile game list lacks an anime-style RPG, and there is a worthy candidate for this role. Do you want to be a tank that playfully repels enemy attacks with a shield? Or maybe you prefer the ranger class, striking enemies with deadly arrows from an unattainable distance? Or is your path the path of a talented healer? Or you don’t want to choose a class at all and take everyone at once? – In Spiritwish MMORPG it’s a common thing!

Guide your characters through the colorful world of the game filled with mysterious dungeons and challenges, fight monsters, get the best magic items, and learn the latest skills.

There is always something to do in the Spiritwish world. And when it comes to massive raids, then you should start to fear for your social life – the game can deprive you of sleep and take a lot of time.

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