How to be a nice Instagram influencer and ig stories download.

The Instagram market is competitive. That’s why, if you’ve managed to become an Instagram celebrity, you’ve already done a good job. However, now, when you have some kind of power of influencing the masses, you should put some effort into being a good influencer. Remember, that people are watching you, especially the young generations. It seems like a great responsibility, but it is the way our reality and modern society work. It does not always depend on the way you live your own life, sometimes you just need to pretend to be nice.

Imagine, that some teenagers can look up to you and follow your example. Of course, we’re not telling you to become an unrealistic sort of perfection. We’re talking about a casual difference between good and bad. You should always strike a balance between being your authentic self and promoting good values. It’s not only about responsibility and self-consciousness, but also about your favorable image on social media. The question is how to achieve this balance when there is so much uncertainty in this world. We’re going to tell you more about this further in this article. Before we start, we want to show you a useful tool for young and successful influencers. Insta story download by Toolzu will provide you with a free and simple ig stories download. With this tool, the 24-hour limit is not an obstacle for you anymore. 

Now let us continue with the tips of being a nice influencer.

Instagram Influencer

Politeness is key

Yes, as simple is that. What is the first indicator of being nice? Yes, politeness. Good manners are always appreciated, no matter if you use them in real life or social media. Be nice and kind to your followers. Don’t forget to thank them for their support and politely ask them about something. Always reply to their direct messages, if you have this opportunity. 

Try to be sincere, because cold politeness doesn’t usually work the way you would want it to. Be warm-hearted to win people’s hearts. Politeness doesn’t only serve to create a favorable image. It can really improve your mood and make your day better.

Help charity

To be a good person on social media, you should really be a good person in real life. The best way you can use your power and influence is to help someone in need or those who are not as lucky as you are. It’s not always about business and money, is it?

Put effort into participating in charity events or donating money to the charity funds. It won’t only help you to win the hearts of your audience, but inspire them to do the same. 

Using your popularity to make our world a better place will make you feel happier as well. 

Filter your content

Of course, everything depends on what kind of influencer you are. However, take care of your demeanor to be acceptable. Some of your followers are trying to be just like you. That’s why it’s important that you’re showing them a good example. 

Long and the short of it, if your friends are having a party, try to stay away from your Instagram stories for a while so as not to post something you will be ashamed of in the morning.

Work only with reliable brands

Reputation is vital nowadays. That’s why you should be careful when you decide to collaborate with someone. You really don’t want your name to be associated with an ethical brand. This will scare your audience, and you will definitely lose a significant part of your followers.

Work only with those brands, which support a good cause and comply with the modern values of society and create quality products. Don’t collaborate with those brands, which have a doubtful reputation, even if their commercial proposal seems tempting. 

Treat people the way you want to be treated

This is a simple rule, everyone should follow, both in real life and on social media. Treat people with kindness, and they will pay off with the same treatment. In the case of social media, your reward will be likes and followers.

Now you know how to behave when you’ve suddenly woken up having more than a thousand followers. The secret is being a good person and staying behind your values. If you put an effort into being a nice person in real life, you won’t have any kind of trouble on social media as well. 

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