No Nokia X for US, Canda, Korea and Japan.


The first ever Nokia smartphone running Android OS will not be made available on some most popular smartphone markets including US, Canada, Japan and Korea. This has been officially confirmed by the Nokia VP for mobile phone marketing Jussi Nevanlinna. He further added that the other two variants on Nokia X named Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are also included in the list of devices that will not made their way to the markets of the above mentioned countries.

In the press conference Nokia never named these countries but announced that Nokia X will be made available in emerging markets which is mostly considered as the Asian Pacific, Eastern European states, Middle east and some African states. The device has potential to make good sales in these markets as Nokia has very good experiance selling mid range low end devices like Nokia Lumia 520 and 620 in these regions which have been the back bone of Nokia Sales in current era.

The developers behind Nokia knows that such low end devices makes good profit in developing markets rather than sales in countries like US and Japan where the competition on is quite tough as many high end Android and iOS devices have captured the whole market shares. This has been shown in Nevanlinna’s words as he was stated, “These are global products, which will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan.”  in his interview with the Nokia discussion.


The most expected price for Nokia X is €89 while the Nokia X+ will sell for €99 and the larger 5 inch display Nokia XL phone will be made available for €109. This shows that the Nokia decision is better as these Low end Nokia X series phones are not as good for those markets to get some successful sales figures.

However there are reports that Nokia will carry on working on such devices which run Android OS, so we can expect to see more Nokia X series phones in coming days which may make their way to these neglected markets.

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