NVidia GTX 960 wants to tempt your money if you do not mind 4K


NVidia presents its new GeForce GTX 960 graphics , a pitch encompassed within the family Maxwell and arrives to accompany existing GTX 970 and GTX 980 . Not much new about what we already knew, although very important parameter in the market: its price .

NVidia GTX 960 presents a different scenario regarding their older sisters. It promises a complete gaming experience to high quality and efficiency in a FullHD environment .The market, in fact, is veering and has at 4K on the horizon Рand present in many monitors at cheaper prices every day Рso that graphics cards have to adapt to this new situation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 03.26.03

According to Nvidia, the new GTX 960 is 60% more powerful than the very old GTX 660 , a veteran with over two years experience in the market; also offers similar performance to the 2011 GTX 590 or GTX 670 also from 2012 . Notice the improvement in energy consumption, where the new model has a minimum of only 120 watts TDP exceeding all previous generations.

NVidia GTX 960 is a graphical midrange , and that in 2015 means that it is too early to think about the big decisions in the market. The 4K, but can promptly be possible, it is not feasible in very demanding games . That’s work for the other models, both the 970 and 980 as their counterparts in AMD, mainly 290x R9 and R9 290 .

The competition is just tremendous in this market segment, one of the most interesting for those seeking quality / price. Traditionally NVidia had no competition with X60, but AMD is well positioned R9 AMD 280x and, above all, the AMD R9 280 . In fact, this second is what AMD says rivals against the new NVidia providing several superior characteristics ( frequency, memory, OpenCL kernels) unless energy efficiency, where NVidia GTX 960 is unbeatable .

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