Top 3 Cybersecurity Companies in the UK

The world of today is drastically different from what it was before. In the past, people around the world can only dream of staying connected with their families across countries or even having the opportunity to interact with people from other areas and nations. Nowadays, the feat can easily be accomplished through the use of the internet as it helps keeps us connected with one another regardless of distance.


The internet has brought with it huge changes to the world as it revolutionizes how almost everything works and functions together. For businesses, the internet has made it possible to experience faster growth on a global level as well as improve their performance locally. The use of the internet by businesses and companies allows them to become more versatile in how they can proceed with their business venture.


However, despite these benefits, the internet isn’t an entirely safe space as threats of cybersecurity attacks are imminent. Failure to secure help from the best cybersecurity companies places your company at risk as any person with malicious intent can easily steal your data or even prevent you from accessing them. Cybercrime is no small matter that can easily be resolved as it becomes difficult to track down the attacker which is why one of the best ways to prevent them from happening to you is to invest in good cyber security systems.

Cyber Security Companies


Getting yourself the best cybersecurity system integrated into your business will not only help you save up several thousand in profits as it can be lost due to cyberattacks but it also improves your establishment’s performance and outcome as with the definitive system available, it allows your company to operate at a smoother pace. With the myriad of cybersecurity companies available, it can get pretty confusing on selecting the best one to help one.


Choosing the cybersecurity company to help you is a delicate process as you want to select the best one that matches your needs and expectations. We are here to make that process easier as we have gathered here the top 3 cybersecurity companies in the UK that you can take into consideration for your beefing up your business’ cybersecurity and safety.


1. Sapphire

With no less than 25 years in cybersecurity, Sapphire is the first company we have on this list as one of the top cybersecurity companies in the UK. What makes Sapphire stand out from other companies in the industry is the versatility the service offers. Sapphire offers a lot of services that are intended to boost an establishment’s cybersecurity all neatly packed into a single convenient system.


Sapphire offers protection on all ends using their signature service provider which ensures threats from both the physical and digital ends are immediately addressed and neutralized. In contrast to other companies, you don’t have to worry about being bloated with various apps because of the unique benefit that comes with working with their cybersecurity team. Their unique managed security service provider allows for protection against highly volatile and dangerous cyber threats.


The managed security services, MSS for short, allows you the benefit of detecting and immediately responding to potential threats or attacks as soon as they start or even before they breach your system. Additionally, with this system in place, you get the benefit of having your cyber security managed from outsourced skills without having to go through the steps of finding one. This benefit allows you to save up on potential costs from having to house your in-house security operation centre as well as the training and hiring you will be paying the personnel. 


All of these benefits come together making Sapphire a great choice when it comes to investing in your cybersecurity. The money you’ll be investing with this company will show when you save up from any system threats and failures that might happen but were effectively prevented.


2. Sophos

The second cybersecurity company we have on this list is Sophos. While not as versatile as Sapphire, Sophos still offers an extremely competent cybersecurity system. The main benefit that comes of using Sophos is that it is a cloud-based management solution for cyber threats. Sophos offers the same management controls and real-time information between their products making it easier for you to overseer and manage your cybersecurity.


Sophos mainly excels with large organizations making a poor investment if you are a small-sized company as they’re far cheaper alternatives that can adequately match your budget. Furthermore, Sophos offers endpoint protection which allows it to safeguard your devices from any potential threats. Their protection system allows for the detection of malicious programs such as malware, ransomware and exploits which would cause irreparable damage to your computer.


Their endpoint security system allows for the implementation of protection to your cloud, firewall and devices such as phones or computers. Their app versatility allows for it to be adaptable to fast-growing businesses as it can easily be catered to the needs of the company.


3. Clearswift

Clearswift is the last cybersecurity company we placed on this list as while it is not as versatile and in-depth as Sophos or Sapphire with its cybersecurity systems in place, Clearswift offers more friendly and basic cybersecurity protection that gets the job effectively done.


In contrast to the previous two, Clearswift doesn’t place a lot of focus on creating a complex system for cyber protection, instead, it focuses on the detection and securing of critical data which prevents it from getting lost or deleted. Clearswift specializes in and offers data loss prevention as its main way of improving your cybersecurity as, like the previous 2 in the list, it focuses on endpoint protection gearing towards backing up and preserving data in the system.


Clearswift is equipped with several tools that are designed to record and protect data that is stored internally and externally as well as prevent leaks. Clearswift is a perfect choice for any establishments that are just getting into improving their cybersecurity but don’t have the means to afford more complex systems. With how it ensures that your data is protected from malicious files, you can rest assured of their safety even if the system isn’t as versatile as the other two.

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