Does Your City Have an Online Permit Portal for These Situations?

During these challenging times of the Covid-19 outbreak, waiting in lines for permits is not permissible. What many cities are opting for is the Online Permit Portal system where people can easily log in and get permission from the Municipal Corporation for essential tasks like traveling, hosting events, or other emergency situations.

Online Permit Portal are websites where you can create your account, upload your credentials, and submit your proposals to the Government. The structure of an online permit’s website is similar to a Government website. Let us look at what that is;

  • Login
  • Submit other relevant information about yourself
  • Provide contact details
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Submit for Review
  • Final Submission
  • Payments

The types of online permits that are necessary during the times of Covid-19 outbreak and how they are helpful for us are as follows;

Online Permit Portal

Gone are the days when you pick up your stuff and leave wherever you want. Travelling is considered an emergency situation and hence there are permits associated with traveling.

For securing a Permit online, you will need to upload your health reports, your Covid-19 reports if any, your past ailments reports, etc on the portal of your Municipal Corporation.

Along with this, you will need to justify the reason for traveling. Now there can be several travel permits like intercity, leaving the city or leaving the country. You will need to submit different documents for different types of permits.

  • Work permit

As an Entrepreneur, there is a good possibility that your business is at stake. And after a huge hiatus, you need to start working as soon as you can.

With 80% of the businesses facing decline, going on the field,  going in the office can really kick start revenue generation. Apart from this, not all jobs can be done from home.

It is important that the Municipal Corporation of your city makes a centralized permit granting portal for people to start working. With a commitment to follow all safety guidelines and abiding by social distancing, these portals can help start a lot of businesses.

  • House Shifting

Many tenants are forced to leave their houses. Maybe the rents have gone up, maybe the building isn’t safe or maybe they have been instructed to leave houses. Even in normal situations house shifting can feel like moving mountains.

With the prices of packers and movers and the prices of travel going up people need to have a safer and easier alternative. A house shifting online portal will allow you pre-paid packers, movers, and traveling options for safety reasons and at reasonable prices.

  • Building Permit

A building permit is given for the construction or demolition of any structure. Even for making amends or repairing the structure, you need to have a building permit. It was mandatory even before the pandemic to apply for an online building permit.

Now building permits require you to submit all health and Covid-19 related documents.

Even after getting the permits, you will need to submit regular reports of the people working on the site as the task can take days or even months.

  • Event organization

Planning mass events is not advisable during these times. But, some events such as a political event or a fundraiser event can take place. An Online Permit makes sure to check the number of attendees and the health report of the attendees among other things.

Along with that, they will also ensure that the organizers follow social distancing during the event.

  • Cleanliness Drive or other voluntary events

Many people have lost their jobs, and have lost their homes and there are many that are starving. Animals in shelters that got regular visitors and payments from the people have stopped getting them due to lockdown.

Understanding the need of this situation, many NGOs and voluntary organizations are coming together to start such drives to help the needy. In fact, many have also managed to collect money, organize food, clothes, masks, etc.

But safety comes first. It is ensured by the Online Permit Portal by verifying the authenticity of such organizations. Although these permits are not very stringent, they are enough to ensure the safety of the citizens.


Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think and act differently than before. For those of us who are locked inside our houses are safer, but the people who need to go out are not.

It is the duty of the Government to make sure they offer guidelines for safety. But it is our duty we abide by them.

Online Permit Portals bring the Government in the loop of our day to day activities that might be harmful to our health. Hence they have proven to be an important aspect of our Pandemic stricken lives.

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