Popular Music Videos on YouTube In 2019.

Artists tend to pair moving images with pleasurable sonic oscillations: music videos. This is something that people will always be interested in, even during the current era of Social Distancing and Isolation. The phrase “best music videos” has a lot of value when it comes to the progress of songs throughout the year. Also, it brings a lot of clicks and passive revenue using Google ads as well.

While there is a shift in the industry where we have some amazing and profitable opportunities for artists like online video production and consumption, the artists and directors and the trend of collaboration on music videos continue to stay on a maintained scale. It attracts more users; as a result, these artists get more attention.

Popular Music Videos on YouTube in 2019

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Here are a few recommendations for you:

City Girls ft. Cardi B, “Twerk”

Directed by: DAPS

If you are looking for some really awesome twerks and twerking maidens, the song will serve your purpose to the fullest. The song features some super sexy twerking girls and Cardi B makes the song simply colorful. The song opens up with a quotation where the City Girls put up a challenge to find the world’s best twerkers. The song features Miami’s City Girls and Cardi B where they seemed quite dedicated to do what they do best.

YouTube Views: 144,053,661 views

Vicente García, “Ahí Ahí”

Directed by: Alan Del Rio Ortiz

The video song seems to execute some simple ideas which are quite unique to be found in the industry. “Ahí Ahí” itself concerns the idea of hooking up. The video has a scene of a steamy night having a perfect balance of humor and sensuality and humor. Everything about the video is quite unique.

YouTube Views: 2,115,153 views

DJ Shadow ft. De La Soul, “Rocket Fuel”

Directed by: Sam Pilling

One of the unique things about Rocket Fuel by Sam Phillings is that he imagines Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin maybe weren’t the first people to walk on the moon. The video borrows the most prominent conspiracy theory that Stanley Kubrick directed and added a more creative approach, added more flavor, and highlights the creative differences between actors playing the two legends. By the time everything finishes, the video concludes that the journey and walk to the moon never happened and what they did with the rocket fuel will make you stay in shock

YouTube Views: 570,755 views

Matoma ft. MNEK & Kiana Ledé, “Bruised Not Broken”

Directed by: Carlos Lopez Estrada and Jeff Desom

Many people have a very different approach towards cannibalism as they consider eating each other. Who says cannibalism can’t be fun?! Lots of people, for good reason, because eating other humans isn’t something funny unless somebody thinks about making a bouncy music video about planning revenge against the butcher or the murderer responsible. Matoma, Kiana Ledé and MNEK tend to control their limbs that were severed and inspire them as if they look like the butcher perishes in his very own freezer.

YouTube Views: 708,023 views

Baxter Dury, “Slumlord”

Directed by: Tom Haines

The video seems to come off as something too literal. You can expect from someone related to Blockheads frontman Ian Dury. As long as Baxter Dury charges on the evil landowners who don’t provide proper housing to the people and charge more rent from them so that they may get more from their tenants.

YouTube Views: 206,865 views

Yo Perreo Sola, “Bad Bunny”

Directed By: Stillz and Benito

Bad Bunny has got a new amazing makeover for the new music video called the “Yo Perreo Sola” that has a blunt message against the ongoing situation where people are harassed at workplaces and outside their home and by members of the society.  The Latin star appears in a body-hugging outfit and long wigs and makeup. He can also be seen twerking alone just like the song that says for women who want to dance alone and safely in clubs. The song is part of the album called “YHLQMDLG” or “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana”. The album got released on February 29, 2020, with 20 songs that are part of the album

YouTube Views: 72,193,688 views

Girl Of My Dreams,  “Rod Wave”

Directed By: Rod Wave

Rod is one of the romantic singers who came up with his amazing song that goes by the name Girl Of My Dreams. This is part of his album Pray 4 Love that was released recently.

YouTube Views: 2,790,103 views

Lil Mosey – Blueberry Faygo (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Directed By: Cole Bennett

The song is a single by the American rapper who goes by the name of  Lil Mosey released back in February by Interscope Records and Mogul Vision Music. The music video was officially released in March and was filmed at a Tik Tok mansion located in LA. The song debuted at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, it surpassed a previous number by Mosey and made him reach the top 40s

YouTube Views: 20,274,266 views


Watching music videos is quite enthralling as it presents something that you love to hear and has a story that blends with music. It also has more colors and adds more to the feel of the songs. Hence, it becomes more pleasurable to enjoy your favorite music when you are dealing with the current scenario during the lockdown. Listening to music might add more to your workout routine and would add more excitement when you are getting done with your household chores in a more fun way.

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