100% Working Best Runes of Magic Private Servers [2023]

Here we are with the list of some of the best Runes of Magic Private Servers that you can access and enjoy the perks of playing the game with maximum features enabled.

We have gathered a list of some of the best ROM Private Servers that are currently live and have a good community playing with new gameplay guidelines. But one thing to be assured here is that the stats of these Runes of Magic Private Servers may change rapidly depending on the new features available by other owners of ROM servers.

Runes of Magic Private Servers List

Best Runes of Magic Private Servers:

1- Runes of Magic Gods:

Rune of Magic Gods has been the most liked and played server available right now. The server was first established back in 2018. Here is all the info you need to know about the ROM Gods server.

  • Online since 2018.
  • Langs: Ru, Eng, Ger, Es, Pl, Turk.
  • Game client 32 and 64 bit “THE ONLY SERVER SUPPORTING 2 SYSTEMS”.
  • 95 CAP, Rates x4-8.
  • New events, cards, easy dias grind, and much more!
  • Beginner gifts, gifts for in-game absence.
  • Referral and guidance system at the in-game interface!

2- ROM Destan V

This ROM Private server goes with Chapter 5 of the game with the new benefits of registering here.

  • Chapter: V Actual level 72 Tosh + AE
  • x8 XP, TP, Loot, and Gold
  • Starter Gifts & Gear for new players
  • Online for 2 years
  • Exclusive Content + VIP System + AntiCheat

3- Runes of Magic Hardcore Level 50

As the name suggests, it’s the one for hardcore players because of the Level 50 bar.

  • New Hardcore Legacy Server Level 50 Cap!
  • Open since 16th May 2023.
  • No Pay to Win possible!
  • Diamonds are only for cosmetics and comfort.
  • Upgrading only with gold.
  • No Fusion stones, no plus stones, no rune drillers.
  • Pure Runes of Magic gaming!
  • Join our discord to stay up to date.

Runes of Magic Private Servers

4- Hyperion ROM Private Server:

It’s been almost a whole year since this Private server was introduced. It has its own new reworked class balance added in the gameplay to make it more competitive. Here are some of the main features of this ROM PS.

  • Online since May 2022
  • Reworked Class Balance
  • Lots of Daily Dungeons
  • LV 75, XP x25, TP x30,Loot x3, Gold x3
  • 18,000 Starter Dias, Gold & Gear
  • Custom Dungeons, Achievements

5- Eternal Tokens of Simian:

This new June 2023 Patched private server comes with over 80 new mounts and many custom wings added to it. Here are some of the features of this Eternal Tokens ROM Private Server. You can access this private server here at discord.

  • Level 70 Patch 06.06.2023!
  • Over 80 New Mounts!
  • Over 70 new Custom Wings!
  • New Crafting-System!
  • Free2Play!
  • Custom Instances, Mounts, Wings, Items, and more!
  • Classes Standart!
  • Side Classes Playable like – Priest/War 100% Playable! Over 1 Year Onlinetime – No Rent-Server = No Offline.

How to Access Private Servers

Step 1: Research

Before connecting to a private server, it’s important to research and find a reputable one. Forums, social media, and gaming communities are often good sources of recommendations or the ones we have enlisted above.

Step 2: Download the Client

Download the Runes of Magic game client from here. If you don’t already have it. You may also need to download a custom client or files specific to the private server.

Step 3: Configure Realmlist

Locate the realm list file in your Runes of Magic directory. Edit this file to include the address of the private server you want to connect to.

Step 4: Create an Account

Register an account on the private server’s website. This may be different from your official Runes of Magic account.

Step 5: Log In

Open Runes of Magic and log in using the account you created for the private server.

ROM Private Servers

Review of Available Runes of Magic Private Servers

Please note that the quality and availability of private servers can change rapidly. This is a general outline of what to look for in a review:

Server Stability

Look for a server that has a good uptime record and doesn’t crash frequently.


A server with a higher population often offers a better social experience but may have longer queue times during peak hours.

Custom Content

Some private servers may offer custom content that’s not available on official servers.


Many private servers have increased experience and drop rates, allowing for faster progression.

Community and Support

A friendly and active community, as well as responsive support staff, can greatly enhance the gaming experience.

Runes of Magic Private Servers Video Review:

Benefits of Private Servers

Custom Rules and Content

Private servers often have custom rules and content that can offer a different experience compared to official servers.

Increased Rates

Faster leveling and higher drop rates can be appealing to those who have limited time to play.

Nostalgia and Old Content

Some private servers focus on recreating the experience of earlier versions of the game, which can be appealing to veteran players.

Winning in Private Servers

Winning in private servers often involves a combination of understanding the custom rules, engaging with the community, and capitalizing on the increased rates to progress quickly.

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