Samsung Galaxy S5 new images pops up. [Concept design]


We have just seen some leaked patent images of the future Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design which have been posted to United States Patent and Trademark Office recently. The images are more of a sketch of an unidentified device but still some top notch tech spies have mentioned them as the future Samsung flagship device, and that is surely Samsung Galaxy S5  or Galaxy Note 4. As these two series phone have always been the most anticipated smartphones made by Samsung.

But these images have lead one of the best 3D animator Ivo Maric to create a concept sketch and a 3D render of the future Samsung Galaxy S5. As you can see the artist have integrated all the best possible design ingredients in making the concept image of the Galaxy S5 

Assuming that the patent that inspired this concept describes indeed the Note 4, all future devices designed by the Korean manufacturer starting with the Galaxy S5 should naturally inherit the same of the mentioned design in the patent sheet. As we have seen in previous devices, Samsung’s general design remains the same in most of the Galaxy series devices.


With a screen of 5.25 inches diagonally with curved side edges, the modelled by Maric S5 would be assembled in a metal box which we have seen in many leaked reports showing Samsung getting serious to adopt metal body instead of the old poly-carbonate assemblies.  

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is now more obvious and the date everyone is pointing is the 24th of February in the World Mobile Congress which is going to take place in Barcelona, and the device may be made available by the mid of March 2014. But if this is the final design of the next Samsung Galaxy S5, then I can easily state that this phone will cross the 100 million sale mark Samsung wished for the previous Galaxy S4 device.


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