Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera would capture Slow Motion video in 1000 frames per second.

Galaxy S9 Design spec price

The Upcoming Samsung Flagship device, The Samsung Galaxy S9 is reported to be loaded with the best camera features we all dream for. Yes the Galaxy S9 may have a camera sensor that can capture slow motion videos in 1000 Frames per Second (fps). That Sony Sensor which many of you would have experienced in the Sony Xperia Z1 or the premium Sony Flagship device Xperia XZ Premium. Both phones had the capability to capture amazingly slowmo videos at 1000 fps.

The same Sony sensor is now heading to the Samsung factories where it is believed to be placed in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 camera. However there are some reports that Samsung may adopt a bit different technique as compared to the three layer module used by the developers at Sony Mobile. This new procedure will make sure to capture these 1000 fps videos without interfering much with the overall smartphone processor and will be scaled using the DRAM.

Just imagine the charm of a slow-motion video with 1080p clarity at this awesome 1000 fps rate. I grab some of the amazing slow-mo videos shot on the Xperia XZ Premium camera to let you know what we will are going to have in the upcoming Samsung flagship device which is most probably, will be unveiled as early as January 2018.

Although the manufacturers at Sony could’t advertise this awesome slow motion features in their flagship devices but I bet Samsung will come up with some of the best and coolest ads and will brag about this feature all over the Social and electronic media, and everything will be pointed to the bitter rival iPhone X.

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