Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review,A Pro level 15-inches and 13-inches beauty

As we are seeing from the past few years that improvement in laptop has become the very fast and frequent that there are 100’s of convertible laptops models into the market and similarly, Samsung is the core member in the development of these types of laptops.Its main product is the Samsung Notebooks and the most recent is the Notebook 9 Pro version.In this Article we will provide you the review for this new thin beauty.

The new notebook is the looking example of the Samsung strategy “Sharing is Caring”. Samsung has introduced the new pro version in two different sizes ,one is 13 inches and the other one is 15 inches. Both devices have same core specs.The pro versions have Core i7 processors.They have 128 GB/256 GB/512 GB SSD storage along with the 16 GB RAM.The devices have HDR-1080p LED panels and the 15 inches device has  low-end Radeon 540 discrete graphics chip.The devices has very reasonable pricing and a normal person can easily afford if he want to use the pro level notebooks.Starting price for the 13-inch is $949 and for the 15-inches it is $1,299.

May be there are some quirks in the design of the Notebook but the overall features are very effective and the device can easily affordable.The device has the best feature of S-Pen technology and Air Command software.Hope that the Article is helpful and you are able to decide which one is the better option 13 inches Pro Notebook or the 15 inches Pro Notebook.

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