Shinobi Forged Rengoku Private Server Codes

If you are looking for the Shinobi Forged Rengoku Private Server Codes, than you are at the right spot. We are here with the working Forged Rengoku Private Server Codes that will help you unlock free Gems, Coins, and Money in the game.

Shinobi Forged Rengoku Private Server Code:

These are 100% working tested Private Server Codes for the Forged Rengoku game.

  • tLFUT-
  • Fo8OA_
  • E9F4e5
  • ZVu9LZ
  • cNYrgW
  • UdBRCg
  • 2_rVXz
  • rySTtu
  • SHThoX
  • pMS8ss
  • Lu8TSM

These Shindo Life private server codes help players unlock/unblock dozens of in-game features.

Forged Rengoku Private Server Codes

How to use these Forged Rengoku Private Server Codes:

To redeem these Shindo Life Private Server codes, follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Open Roblox
  • Head to the Shindo Life 2 game
  • Now Enter Play and enter the Private Server Code on the top corner.
  • Open Map menu, Press the M key to open the menu
  • Tap on “travel” and then tap on the “Private-Server” on the right side.
  • Now Enter the Forged Rengoku Private Server Code and hit Teleport.

That’s it, The game will take you to the whole new Shindo Life Private Servers.

Forged Rengoku Shindo Storm Features:

Cast Rengoku has left eye hidden by long, blonde hair. He has a red Akuma eye in his left and no right eye. He sports red-lens goggles on his forehead. Along with the white belts and black slacks, he sports a maroon blouse with white accents. He wraps a maroon cloak without sleeves over that. He sports the Forged Umpire Fan.

Lore: An instructor under Bankai Akuma. After Seishin brainwashed him and his Akuma brothers rejected him, Forged lost his visual ability. Later, an enigmatic entity bestowed upon him the Rengoku powers. There is no difference between Forged Ringoku and Singoku except the skin.

The Mode Bar Features:

Mode Stat Bonuses Requirement Description
Stage 1 +2,500 CHI
+2,300 NIN
+2,500 TAI
+2,200 HP
Full MD Bar While this mode is active, the user’s basic melee attacks are done with the Forged Shuriken-wielding arms of Forged-Rengoku’s Skeleton Samurai Spirit, extending their range and damage. Additionally, the user can type !domain and then a name of another nearby player. Upon entering this command, the named player and the user are teleported into a private dimension. This dimension lasts for 20 seconds and the user cannot use the command for the next 4 minutes. The user also runs at higher speeds and passively teleports every 1 second they run and teleport when they dash.

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Shinobi Forged Rengoku Private Server New

Shindo Life 2 Private Server Codes Features:

You can exchange codes for free gifts, You would also be able to get currency and new fighters out of these codes. Here you will be able to know how to get Shindo Life 2 Codes. There are several ways to find and get more codes.

Mostly, Developers release the Pack exchange codes of Shinobi Forged Rengoku  to promote the game by rewarding the players via providing the codes. These codes used to be released on special occasions like the anniversaries and special events of the game.

You can find codes on the official Facebook page of this game and Facebook usually used to be the priority of developers to post and inform the fans about the God of Shinobi codes. Other sources for the codes are Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks including Discord and Reddit. Streaming and video platforms like Twitch and YouTube are also great sources for such codes. However, don’t take any offer saying like fill out a survey or complete a task to get the codes as these used to be scams.

Remember you can only use the codes in the best way if you have played the game for at least a few hours and have checked all the game options including store, in-game items, base of gems and golds and the traits and features of heroes and characters.

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