Six New Nokia Devices are Going to Reveal, Included Two lumias

New Nokia Phones going to reveal on 22th October

Now Nokia going for one of its biggest launch events in a long while. The Finn’s  October 22nd event will host the launch of six new devices. The Lumia’s two devices are also expected to announce on Finn’s event.

The upcoming event, budded Innovation reinvented, was expected to be especially for the Lumia 1520, Nokia foray in to the Phablet market and the first Windows Phone 8 handset with a larger than 5” screen.

The Verge Source have  revealed that at least six new device will be unveiled in addition to a range of new accessories. Nokia is reportedly planning a large range of form factors and devices, including two new Lumias, so it’s possible we’ll see them announce the oft-rumored Windows RT powered Lumia 5250 tablet as well, the same tablet Microsoft reportedly wants Nokia to cancel. As for the other four products, there’s no telling what they will be, though they will likely get leaked relentlessly in coming days.

Nokia has one last chance to unveil its mobile devices to the world. If there was ever a time to let loose and unveil something crazy its now since the company really has nothing to lose at this point.

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