The Growth of Mobile Casino Apps.

Online gaming was always enjoyed by almost everyone. The age distinguishes online games on the basis of the purpose of playing. Majorly for the young crowd who gets bored easily, online games are an indulgence to escape the boredom that eventually converts to obsession. People who have crossed the age of easy boredom turn on to these games for leisure or use them to pass their time during transit.

Online casino apps have grown exponentially over the span of 3 years approx. We are spoiled for choices as to what to choose. Here is a little trackback of how the mobile casino apps came into being and have been capturing the market since then.

Mobile casino

Where it All Began?

The mobile casino app made its debut in Nokia first-generation phone after the introduction of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). The monetary transaction took place over SMS or WAP push virtually; there was no real money involved. Next came Android in 2007/2008 which led to a steep spike in online mobile games. The developers who created the game could sell their games through ‘Google Play’ without the involvement of a phone manufacturer or mobile network operator.

The Current Scene

In spite of many app stores restricting gambling games, there are quite a few social casinos having their own apps engaging a fresh set of players from new demographics, offering virtual chips to buy and play with. Players are engaging with friends and acquaintances on social media, networking with new players, playing live with people from diverse backgrounds, and participating in various competitions.

Factors Influencing the Immense Growth

  • A Robust Information Technology Sector

Had the IT sector been weak there wouldn’t have been this massive growth in casino apps. There were no such apps 10years ago; it was probably a distant dream for us to have everything at our fingertips. The credit completely goes to the IT guys who created these pathbreaking apps creating a little more convenience for the users.

  • Digital Payment Methods

The convenience of online payment is another factor why people are indulging in online casinos. There are no real money transactions, everything happens virtually. You sit back, download your favorite casino game, pay for it virtually, and participate. The process certainly gets easier with such convenience. Also, the time taken for digital payment is a fraction of a second, hence, the player doesn’t need to invest extra time in payment and can easily move on to the next game that he wants to play.

  • The Growing Number of People Using The Internet

The booming online gaming market is a testimony of the reach of the internet even to the remotest corners. The number seems to increase on a daily basis; hence, the online casino is headed for a good boom in the days to come. Also, the variety of games available, comprising different styles and vibes that keep players engaged and interested to come back to the platform.

  • Availability of Disposable Income with the Masses

People are showing interest in investing in online casinos as they are having money to spend on entertainment and become experimental post-pandemic. They are cutting down on traveling costs to visit the casinos thereby saving a little more to invest in their chance in the game. The lockdown has brought in this change in customer behavior as the entire world is caught up between four walls, and this has led to a very experimental mindset in people.

  • High-Quality Games

The user experience is something that the online casino developers are constantly upgrading. An upgraded look and feel always gives an extra appeal to the players. The quality is constantly in progress and is a continuous task. The better the quality of the game the more it will attract players, as it is the only way of creating a good user experience virtually.

  • The Pandemic

The sudden disruption of the daily activities saved time which was hours of boredom, hence why not try out some online casinos and aim for a jackpot if luck favors. The lockdown created both disposable money as well as time, which the online casino companies have thought out well.

  • Spreading the Word

The marketing efforts done by the online casinos have borne the fruit. The flurry of bonuses for both new and existing customers has panned out well. The new players enjoy the large prize money if they hit the right target and the existing ones are offered credits and other benefits.

  • Flexibility by Authorities

No authority will give a clean chit to gambling openly but rules that they lay are comfortable enough for the virtual casinos. Indian laws prohibit casino owners from operating in the Indian subcontinent whereas they can freely operate in foreign locations.

Where Is the Online Casino Industry Headed?

The ongoing technological advancement and the growing interest of people to convert entertainment into something beneficial will take the online casino industry far and wide. The innovation can also bring augmented reality to the table in online casinos, where we can be physically present virtually yet absent. The experience is all that these games offer, hence the more experimental or innovation is brought to the table, the more people will get attracted towards it.

Final Thought

The advancement of online casinos has been very rapid, especially during the lockdown phase. People being locked up in their homes were desperate for something that will help them escape the reality that they were in. The casino provides both entertainments as well as some monetary reward at the end of the game, which turned out to be lucrative to many besides sitting at home aimlessly.

The online casinos create a great indulgence for the players with the creative levels of game strategizing which increases engagement and involvement among the players. A game of chances, where proper strategies are only answers to winning jackpots. The key players in the casino industry are also shifting their focus on the mobile market; therefore, the online casino market still has potential that can be worked into.

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