The tech behind the success of online blackjack

One of the most successful online casino games is blackjack. There are many reasons behind its success. It’s easy to learn, widely available in every online casino, has the same rules across platforms, and has high winning odds.

The winning odds matter a lot in casino games because you want to earn more with less risk. Besides, unlike other casino games, blackjack does not solely rely on luck. It’s a skillful game that requires calculations. To do well in blackjack, you need to make wise moves, have a strategy, and use resources appropriately.


Fundamentals of a blackjack game

The game aims to score 21 points or closer without going over. The cards are valued differently; number cards are valued the same as their value, face cards are valued at 10, and the ace card is valued at 11 or 1. 

For your help, there are multiple moves, such as hit, stand, double, and split. Each move has a different use and nature, so you must learn everything about them.

How to win a game of blackjack?

Blackjack is a kind of casino game you play against the dealer only. You are unbothered by the cards dealt to the other players. The minimum and maximum bets vary with casinos, but you can usually play online blackjack with a minimal amount, which is the advantage of having an online presence of casino games.

  • You need to pay attention and focus to your game. It may seem simple, but with every card dealt your strategy changes. Also, most blackjack has one of the lowest house edges, so the only way casinos make money off blackjack is by winning the game.
  • Although there are different versions of blackjack in terms of paying ratio. Tables that pay 3:2 are more favorable to players than tables paying 6:5. Blackjack can also be played with a live dealer at some online casinos. When live dealers are required to hit on a soft 17 at these tables, players are advised to avoid them. Houses are much more likely to profit from this strategy than participants.
  • Before taking a bet, you must understand the rules. There can be slight changes to the basic rules of every online casino. Some casinos offer the option of surrender, which is regarded as favorable for players because it gives you an option of surrendering a poor hand.

What technologies are behind online blackjack?


The quality of gaming software needs to be fascinating to provide a seamless blackjack experience as close to live blackjack. However, the online version is much more interactive because of live chat, leaderboards, and other features.

RNG technology

The game of blackjack is played with multiple decks, and to ensure the fairness of the game, online casinos use random number generator technology. It generates cards randomly, eliminating the chances of guessing or predicting the card.

Because of RNG, you know for sure, other players cannot cheat, and no pattern is being followed in a game. As a result, you’re protected from rigging and exploitation.

Use of OCR technology

Optical character recognition (OCR) is as essential as RNG because it keeps track of the cards dealt in a game. In blackjack, OCR technology also provides updated information to the players.

Live gaming option

Technological advancements have allowed online casinos to integrate live casino games. In terms of immersion and interaction, the live option has grown exponentially. While playing a live Online Blackjack game, you can interact, chat, and communicate with players and the dealer. This way, the game becomes more enjoyable and gives a sense of a traditional land-based casino environment.

To make a live blackjack game possible, a lot goes into it. Some components are described below.

  • Gaming control units (GCU): A GCU is connected to the tables used in live gaming. It gives the dealer an overview of the table and guides them.
  • Cameras: Multiple HD cameras with high frame rates are used in live blackjack, ensuring players receive a clear view.

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